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Getting harder. Rss

Need help options with names. Please tell me your favourite combinations.

First Name options

Middle name options- These are family names and therefore don't want to use a first name option.

My Favourite is Olivia Felicity but I'm not 100% sure about it.

Thanks for everyones help
My favourites are Olivia and Charlotte with Anne as the middle name.
My dd is Olivia so I'm a bit biased tongue
I like both Charlotte and Olivia from your list. Mainly because both names have shortened variations which are also legitimate names too, Charlotte - Lotte/Charli and Olivia - Liv/Livy/Livia. I think both names sound good with Anne smile
1. Olivia smile
2. Natalia
3. Amelia
4. Charlotte - I like the name, it's just VERY popular (it's been #1 for quite a few years)

I think I prefer Anne to Felicity on all counts as it flows really nicely with the names.

I like Olivia Anne and Amelia Anne. I agree with Tigerlily I think Anne flows nicer as a middle name

I like Natalia (or what about Natalie?) Anne smile

My favs are either

Olivia Felicity


Charlotte Anne

Love, love, love Amelia Anne!! It's is just beautiful smile

Second choice would be Natalia, but not with either of those middle names.

One more vote for Amelia Anne smile
I prefer Amelia Anne
Or Natalia Anne.

Good luck making the decision.
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