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Too close? Lock Rss

My husband and I both like the name Amelia. I would use the nickname Lia. I then realised how close it was to my name (Amanda).
Are Amelia and Amanda to close?
Be honest?
Thanks everyone.

P.S- Can someone tell me how to comment on your own posts after they have been posted. So replying to other peoples comments. Thank you. If I don't comment then I guess I still don't understand how to reply.
Nope not to close at all.
Mum Of 3 Cuties wrote:
I don't think the are too close. Other than the mail thing in years to come but she won't be at home forever so not the biggest issue.

To comment on other peoples posts on your thread you hit the quote tab at the bottom of their reply this puts it above you response. smile

Thank you- I can now reply (so simple).
The mail thing could be good. A new rule- you open it you pay it.
PennyHenny wrote:
I don't think it matters that they are similar. They are very similar, but they don't rhyme so I don't think it is a problem. For instance if your name was Cindy and you wanted to name your child Mindy then yes I think this sounds silly.

There should be a blue REPLY button underneath the last post. Next to this is START NEW TOPIC and RECEIVE EMAIL NOTIFICATIONS. If you can't see the blue reply button just underneath the post then maybe there is something wrong - are you viewing on your phone?

Thanks for your help on teaching me how to reply- very simple if I actually read all my emails.

You're right its not as silly as rhyming names. I just keep hearing such silly names where parents haven't thought about the full name or siblings names that I don't want these hormones to make me do anything horrible to my child. Cheers
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