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Need honest options. Lock Rss

I have a son named Jonathan (Jonny) and I'm conflicted about finding a name that goes well with it.
I really like Skyla and Zalia- a bit out there and husband thinks that you cant have a traditional name for one child and then a 'hippy' name for the other.
I like Julia and Olivia as alternatives. Just not sure about 2 J names and when I say Jonny and Olivia together it just makes be think Olivia Newton-John and then grease.
What are your honest options?
Thanks everyone.
I know of two families who have one kid with an unique name and one with a traditional name. And since you asked for honesty I did think it was odd at first but like everything you get used it it, plus the names do suit the kids.

As for Jonny and Juile you might mix them up easily only coz they are similar but its not a reason to not choose the name. But Jonny and Julz works well.

Of your choices I think I would choose Olivia nn Libby. When you say Jonny and Libby together no one will think Newton smile
i think forget about finding names that work well together. They are individual people so just name them something that suits them. yes its easier to yell something out the back door that flows, but after that the next 70 odd years they are mainly used independent of each other. grin

I think if you like Johnny and Olivia, use it. Not everyone is going to put it together and so what if they do! If I named my kids Goldie and Chevy, I highly doubt the majority of the population is going to assume I loved goldie hawn and chevy chase movies from the 70s so much I have named my kids after them! lol grin
I like Skylah. I think it's over thinking it too much to say if they match or not. Johnny isn't very common anymore amongst children anyways. Johnny and Skylah sounds nice.

I think girls get away with more unique names & if u love it go for it!
I really like pretty!
I wouldn't put Olivia with Johnny but I love Grease!? wink
What about Amelia?? Nickname Milly!
Or Alexis...nickname Lexi??
Good luck deciding! smile

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