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  5. OPINIONS.....What do u like better?? I just cant decide.

OPINIONS.....What do u like better?? I just cant decide. Rss


Iam expecting my 3rd child...a GIRL and just cant decided between these two names!!! I would Love your opinion on what u like best and what you think goes better with my other two children's names!

I already have a son Taj Bailey and a daughter India Pearl.

We are loving Lila Rose or Lila Mae and Ivy Coco. I just cant settle on one as I adore them both.

What do u think?? or do u have any other names equally as beautiful you can suggest....I obviously like different names with a hippe edge.

Thanks so much x x
I prefer Lila Mae to Lila Rose - just reads better in my head (and now that I say it out loud with the office wondering what I am doing haha)!

Also love Ivy Coco...I've not heard of many Ivy's lately so that might just swing my vote whereas I have met a Lila, Lilia and Liliana recently!
I love Ivy that is my girl name picked for this bub smile I think Ivy Mae sounds beautiful like Rosie Mumma suggested smile
I like Ivy, I was going to name my daughter Indigo Grace if you like that.
Ivy Mae? smile
I like both Lila & Ivy but am going to go with Ivy Coco as it just has a bit more spunk IMO!!!
I love the name Lila. Coco is such a cute middle name though.
So my pick is Lila Mae or Lila Coco.
I looove the name Lila! wub
Lila Ivy would be my pick ~ adorable!
Good luck deciding! smile

Ohhhh I'm loving Lila Ivy!!! smile why didn't I think of that? Thanku!! x x
You're welcome! Glad I could help! grin

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