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Naming issues Rss

Hi All,

I have a little problem and would welcome some advice.

We have chosen our baby boy's name and are settled on it, there are lots of reasons we chose the name but mainly it's because it is DH's middle name (sentimental things we are haha) and of course we like it!!

Anyway, the issue is when I go back to work my MIL will be looking after the baby and while talking the other day she mentioned how much time she had been spending with her god-daughter and how much more time the will spend together once she is looking after our baby as she has just had another baby too.

I have never met the god-daughter or her children and my hubby has not seen her in years, and I think it is great that the kids can play together (MIL also looks after my niece who is the same age as another of the god-daughter's kids), the issue is however that one of the god-daughter's kids has the same name that we are going to use.

I mentioned this to hubby and he said he doesn't care and it was his name first (mature response there hahaha) but I have become more and more concerned as my MIL has said they are starting to arrange catchups a couple of times a week, anyway I think it might be a good idea to chat to MIL and give her the heads up but DH is dead against telling anyone the name (or even hinting at it) before bub is born.

I guess I just was wondering how you would all handle it - I feel a little rude the kids will spend so much time together and have the same name.

Sorry for the long post!!!

Thanks - I know it will probably be absolutely fine I just keep getting a shock when MIL mentions that ******* (the name) did such and such at the park the other day and all I can think is "huh, he isn't born yet" hahahaha

Definitely don't tell the name! Once your bub has already been named everyone will love it & it's no ones decision but yours & hubbys! Your bub will prob just be called eg baby Jake for a while?? Good luck smile

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