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We have DS Jordyn
Brad (not bradley), Lily was the girl name
Blake, Lara (or Lana) was the girl choice
Ryan was going to be Cassidy as a girl

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

My Daugter's name is :: Lulu Isabella Starr
3littlemen wrote:
vkw wrote:
Brad (not bradley), Blake and Ryan

I guess people assume Bradley!!
did you have s girl name picked?

oops must have edited at same time as you replied
And many people call him bradley when he was in yr 1 or 2 a teacher was calling out Bradley Bradley and looking at him.I said he probably does not realise you are talking to him as his name is just Brad!Because we were only calling him Brad we did not see the point of naming him Bradley.Dh is a teacher at a boys school and all the boys called Christopher,,Samuel etc always go by the short versions so we decided to make it easy for everyone...His cricket mates call him braddles or braddyboy lol

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

DD - Cassiopeia Ann (she's called Cassie). Boys name was going to be Zachary Phillip.
DS - Zachary Phillip (called Zach). We didn't discuss names until we knew we were expecting a boy so didn't pick a girl's name out.

No idea what we'll call this bub. We've used the girl's name we always had as "we will use this" so should probably really start thinking about that now smile

My DS is Liam Robert smile the girls name we leaned towards before having gender confirmed (my gut KNEW he was a boy lol) was Stephanie Louise...
My DD is Rhiannon Louise and the only boys name I liked before finding out the gender was Ronan Patrick!
My soon to be DS2 in a few months is going to be Ciaran Hunter smile if he had of been a girl I had decided on Siobhan Erin... I still would like to use that oneday! Siobhan is so pretty! Xx

DD is Laila Mai and DS will be either Dexter or Edward and we still have no middle name lol :/'s me..Blee wink

Lucas and Thomas smile

Claire (couldnt agree on a boys name)
Hannah (didnt have a boys name)
Alexander (didnt pick a girls name as we found out his sex)
DS IS Chase Michael our second choice was Braylen
DD is Harlow Hope if she was a boy it was Emmett Dash smile

DS is Benjamin Oscar. what kinda cool is his initials spell BOB. grin

DD1 Montaya Jaslyn
DD2 Amarli Grace
If they were boys they probably would have been Mason
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