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Yep been a bit stuck on the spelling of Jy too. Might be Jye yet. I really do prefer it spelt Jai but I don't want to have to correct every single person that is reading it...

Tonight hubby has almost succumbed to Eden.... he thought it was too much of a mouthful but when you think about how you would say it.. it would be 'Edn' like when you say garden of Eden... you don't really pronounce the e properly.

So he has said to leave it with him a few days so he can consider it.

We are getting there..... he likes Cruz too but I'm not completely sold on that yet...

Btw thanks so much to everyone.... I have read each reply & considered all that has been said, just to write it out and have people add their thoughts has really really helped! Was feeling desperately hopeless about it a few days ago!

I love Eva smile
I also really like Jyla,I think it is different and a nice name.
I am not a fan of Eden.
I love Cruz and prefer Kye over Jye.
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