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Seanna??? Lock Rss

Ok, without looking up the meaning or searching at all, how would you pronounce

"SEANNA" ???

see anna


same. it's just siena spelt different to me...
Wonderful smile

i love it, See Anna (Seanna) and i'm using it as the same spelling as my brother who passed away whose name was Sean, but some people have said just by looking at it they'd pronounce it "Shaw-Na" which i'm not keen on so i thought i'd ask just to see by looking at it, what ppl would think.

according to its origin/meaning it is Seanna, pronounced Shaw Na as the female version of Sean but these days i dont think would be the case, maybe 50 years ago???

Ok, well that makes me feel better wink

thanks everyone, Seanna it is

When I first looked at it I saw See - anna, then I had a better look and saw Sean-a but I think thats only because thats my name, but because you have the double n in there most people will see it as See-anna!

I really like the name, bit different to Sienna which is becoming very popular!!
Yes, I would pronounce Seanna as 'See Anna' as opposed to Shauna, which is how I'd spell the female version of Sean smile

I think it's a lovely tribute to your brother x
Love it and yes I would pronounce it See anna smile

I have a Breanna and we spelt it with an E due to me reading on some website that the traditional way of Brianna often gets mis-pronounced as Bry anna, rather than Bree anna, which is her name wub

I would suggest with a 3 syllable first name to go for a shorter middle name, but I guess that depends on the length of your surname too.
ah... i loved Breanna and Mason as names but then i met my partner and his niece and nephew are Brianna and Mason wink
see anna smile
At first i would have said See Enna, only because i know a Sienna. When i looked properly i read it as See Anna.

I didnt think of it as Shawna at all until you mentioned it smile

Very pretty.
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