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Hi everyone,
i am wondering if anyone knows of any nice girl japanese or korean names. I have named my son Daewon which is different and i think it is korean as we named him after a skateborder Daewon Song. I am wanting something along the same line where it is easy to say but is authentic (if you know what i mean?) i am of chinese background but i don't like the sound of the chinese names, they get quite complicated.
Any suggestions would be great.

Sue & Daewon 23.03.2004

Hi Dae-Dae
I know a couple who are married, he is Australian and she is Korean - they live in Korea. Anyway, they named their daughter "Hannah" apparently that can be turned into a Korean name also, and the same goes with their son that they named "Philip."

I really don't know the korean side to those names, but, hope that it may help you.

Apart from that, I do know some young girls in Korea their names are;

"Kyu Young" pronounced Kyoo Yong it means Pretty something?? (i'm not sure what exactly)

"Kyu Youn" pronounced Kyoo Yon"(i think that that means "Pretty flower"

"Sarang" pronounced Sa Rung - means "love"

"Somang" pronounced So Mung - I am unsure of the meaning.

Anyway, I don't really know any skateboarding names, they are the only names that I know really (sorry, no boy names come to mind quickly)

Linda (Jessica 3/4/03, Caleb 11/4/05)

Some more ideas for you.....

Kwan - meaning strong (could also spell it Quan? - plays guitar for Regurgitator)
Kyon - meaning brightness

Good luck!
quan is nice i have a friend with that name.

natasha jayde - 1-1-05 ttc #2 end ong this year

thanx for those ideas, it is very hard to find a unique name.
I do like the name kyon, how do you pronounce it linda? Is it K-yon? It sounds pretty cool but partner doesn't like it he says it sounds like a robot.
I would love more suggestions if any.
I was liking kaiya and kaira which i think has a jap twinge to it but it is so hard getting feedback from my partner i am sure you all agree, but when they hate a name they are so good at critising it. tongue
For some reason i am liking also names starting with K for a girl, i am not too sure why.
Keep them coming ladies grin

Sue & Daewon 23.03.2004

Hi dae dae
I've lived in Japan for three years. Here are some of my favourite Japanese girl names

Hanako (flower child)
Aiko (love child)
Chie (A thousand pictures)

Hope this helps

hi lizzle,

thanks for all those great suggestions, it helped alot, i have come up with a combination of those names but still haven't decided on which one, for now tho i will be keeping them all to myself. I do love the name kaya though.

Sue & Daewon 23.03.2004


My husband's work colleague had a baby girl and they named her Akira which I think is quite sweet. I also had a Japanese friend called Tamika which I also liked.

Good luck!


Gabriella, Chiara & angel called home

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