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Middle name for Tye......... Lock Rss

We are expecting baby no 5
So far we have
Edwin James
Tarley Brooke
Zoe Georgia
Jacinta Clem
and Tatyana Rose

We have managed to agree on Imogen Grace if by some miracle the ultrasound is wrong and we have a girl.
We have also managed to agree on Tye, but we are at a stalemate on the middle name...... I like Tye Daniel though hubby bahhumbugs that he has no offers agh!! Men!

Any suggestions greatly appreciated

Thanks and good luck with your name games too.

Juanita, QLD,10/94, 12/96, 01/98, 11/00, 05/06

Forgot to mention that I also have a step daughter (that is why you see that we already have five and expecting no 5 ) oops

Juanita, QLD,10/94, 12/96, 01/98, 11/00, 05/06

My first thought was

Tye Samuel

Good luck!

Mummy to Joe and Maggie

Hi there just replying to your message how about Tye Cooper?
My nephew's name is Tye and his middle name is Patrick.

I love the name Tye, but my brother has beaten me too it, my bub is due 24th July, no idea of sex and we are having trouble with boy names!!


Shaz, WA, 24/7/06

I love the name Tyler and would shorten it to Tye, how about

Tye Jordan
They are my two fave names.
Good luck let us know what you decide
Hey mum2many, Congrats on your new pregnancy. How about not having a middle name at all, and just having Tye, makes it seem more bolder that way

Elizabeth, Alexis 7mths, Vic

Hey Mum2many,

When I firsty saw the name Tye I thought of Tye Daniel and then had a little giggle when I saw you already thought of that but was stonewalled.......hehehe

So here are a few others I thought of, Good luck

Tye Lewis
Tye Lucas
Tye Jacob
Tye Cooper
Tye Dylan
Tye William



Nth Qld 2 year old Shannon

i have a son named ,tyler shane and every one loves it.we call him ty for short

Tye William is a totally cute name, but its also the name of one of the North Queensland Cowboys tongue . Maybe he will be a footy player??

Tye Graceson?

The other names of your children are gorgeous!

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