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Middle name to go with Emma Lock Rss

Hi guys!
I need help trying to find a middle name to go with Emma, surname is Simpson.
Don't know what I'm having, haven't thought of any boys names yet!
Jo smile
can only think of Emma Michelle
I think Emma Louise sounds like a beautiful name.
My name is emma and i dont have a middle name but all thru school my friends called me emma jayne...

good luck with it

Emma, WA (Madyson Paige Elizabeth Born 9/6/06)

Our first daughter was going to be Emma Brooke if that helps
I like Emma Amelia
It's a family name in our family from way back when...................
Hope it helps!!!

Loveena Qld, Jordyn 5, Andrew 4 + ?

i like emma rose or emma matilda

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

Emma Leigh?

or is that too much like Emily?

I like it tho

Best of luck

eìí? DD Haley 2 yrs old eìí?

I really like Emma Jayne. Definately Jayne with a Y, not plain Jane. Goodluck

Amanda, NSW, expecting twins


My name is Emma Elizabeth i was named after my 2 grandmothers.

Elizabeth is old fashioned but is still used quite often.
Other middle name my mum had picked was louise and a friend i went to school with was Emma Jane.

I like my name though as i am 18 and it is still very popular i don't think it will ever be hardly heard of..


Emma 19, Bailey Matthew 16/02/2006

I like :

Emma Kate
Emma Paige
Emma Charlotte (or Charlotte Emma)
Emma Jayne
Emma Rose (my neice's name)
Emma Olivia
Emma Victoria
Emma Tahlia

Good luck with choosing a name!

Cass, DD03/06, TTC#2

hi ,
i have a daughter that's name is emma jean (as middle name).and our last name is bolton.I loved it it is very old fashioned.

5 kids now

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