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Using same initials as father in-law for boy Lock Rss

When we had our first child (girl) i wanted to keep my husbands fathers (RIP) initials if it was a boy. Then they would of always had the H.R.B initials. I couldnt find a girls name i liked starting with H, so we called her Kadie Rose.
I think it helped to only look through the H for boys name, we ended up liking Harrison or just Harris. We now have another girl on the way who will be Taya Makaylee due 3 April.
This may keep a few in-laws etc happy also if you chose their initials.
Good Lucky to everyone

Mum of Kadie Rose, Taya Makaylee & Tianah Reubie

Hey! I gave my little boy Joel Adam (adam being his daddy's first name), but I liked the name laurence (Adams Pop's name (RIP), but adam didnt like the idea of keeping it in the family!
If Joel was a girl he was going to be Georgina after my grandfather Frank George (rip) but He wasnt a girl and Once again I dont think Adam was too keen on using our grandparents names!
I think its great what your doing your giving your children a piece of family History in their names!
Good on you!

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