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What goes with Maria Lock Rss

I am having a girl in three weeks by c-section and I have decided to call her Maria after my grandmother... I am south american incan so i would like some thing that is nice and origional but also not common...

It is so hard isn't????

any help would be great!!!!

thanks every one smile

Sunshine Coast, 9 & 8y.o boys, girl 12days old

Grace, Rose, Claire are common but go with most names.

Given that Maria is a fairly 'short' name I have been thinking of 'longer' names to go with it. I quite like the sound of Maria Alexandra. Hope this suggestion helps.

Youv'e hit the nail on the head - it really is hard to choose names. I think if my bub turns out to be a boy he will be namesless for many days!

Good luck.

I would like to suggest Maria Raquel, I am using Raquel as the middle name of my little girl, and I love it!

Good Luck!

Amy & daughters Jada 10/07/06, Alana 07/04/08


My mum is South American also. How about 'Lourdes'? That is my cousin's middle name.

Or maybe Lola..Maria Lola sounds nice.
Joselyn? That is my other cousin's name.
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