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anyone else due in next month? Lock Rss

i'm due 3rd April , we decided we would wait to find out if boy or girl, i have shared the names we have chosen and everyone loves the girls name
Ella Louise
but we have had a lot of negative remarks about the boys
Jack Daniel

Hey Debbie,
I'm due on the 11th April.
I think both names you have picked out are great, but i can sorta gather the remarks you would get on the boys name - sorry.
We have also decided to wait to find out the sex of bubs and sorta have the opposite problem, people love the boys name not so crazy about the girls, we have girl - Layla Tamzyn
boy - Jackson Harvey
Hope your preg is going well - not long now.
Take care
We are due 3 April also, we have a 22 month old girl Kadie Rose and found out the sex of this one this time. We are expecting another girl, her name is Taya Makaylee. Lee is my mothers middle name so wanted to add that in somewhere. We found it very hard to come up with a middle name for Taya, but are settled on Makaylee now.
If you and your partner love the names its your decision, everyone else will have had their chance to name a child and should remember how hard it is to decide even without negative feedback. Stick to your guns.
Good luck with your pregnancy

Mum of Kadie Rose, Taya Makaylee & Tianah Reubie

im due 9th april. . am having a boy and naming him jeremy peter
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