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Should you share your choice of baby names with friends Lock Rss

When I was pregnant with my first I knew it was going to be a girl and had picked out a name from week 6 of the pregnancy. My sisters good friend was pregnant 5 weeks ahead of me and asked my sister what I would be calling my baby and she told her and said it was a lovely and unusual name. To my suprise, when her daughter was born she used the same first name I had picked and Middle name. It was a huge dissapointed as I had picked a very different name.


I'm not sharing my baby's name with anyone! for two reasons, the first is that I don't want anyone to say "nah, don't name her that" or "that's terrible" not that the name is terrible, but everyone always has an opinion, and I don't want to hear a negative one! the second is, like you I have picked a fairly uncommon and unusual name, and as there are 5 girls around me that are also expecting, I don't want them to steal the name!
take care!

Amy & daughters Jada 10/07/06, Alana 07/04/08

Oh that's not nice at all! i can just imagine how you felt when you heard that.
I have a few friends around me that are pregnant so we're not saying the names at all. I let one name slip but since we've thought of a new name and are going with that. its even better!
Even telling family members is a bit risky, just like in your case. Keep it between you and your partner! the surprise will be even greater for everyone!

Proud mum of Imogen and Charlotte, SA

hi everyone,
i got 2 say sharing the name with family & friends is 'risky' but i just cant help myself!!!!!!!!!!!

Now im only 13 wks & have known 4 2 wks (It`s a BOY!!!) He has had 3 names since im keeping my mouth shut now...

i luv unsual... the comments & looks r not so nice if anyone have any suggestions pls share

Julie a similar experience.... When my mum had my brother her expecting friend decided 2 name her son the same 1st & 2nd name as him.
they even have the same initials - this little boy was 7 months younger. it not just during pregnancy

Happy chatting !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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