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Hi everyone,
my name is debbie i have 2 children a boy 9 yrs old a girl 1 year old and am pregnant with my third i am about 8 weeks not sure yet dr on holidays and have to wait until the 29th to find out would love to chat to other pregnant mums bout our pregnancy,children or names or anything in general my msn is skyler_p@hotmail if anyone would like to chat .

hope to chat soon bye for now

and take care of them beautiful growin bubs but also urself bye for now debs
hi there and it seems like for ever till that week doesnt it . I have an ultrasound to go to on the 28th to tell me the sex if we can .So i am wishing it would go quicker.
I added u to my msn i hope u dont mind
mine is
let me know how u go at the docs
and how r u feeling now
niccii mother of 4 and due in august with number 5

5 kids now

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