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what about RAVEN for a boys name

megs, love being a mum

I love it! My DH wouldn't though.... It sounds so exotic!

Elle, DS: Kai 20/11/04 & DS: Jamie 13/02/07

Raven.......i'm not so sure.....I always like to think now if I were a nasty lil kid how would I change your name to make fun of you.......Raven Lunatic comes to mind.

It is very unusual and original which is always a good thing. I dont know, I think I am undecided on this one. I think I like it more as a middle name than a first.

I have always liked the name Zac or Lucas.

Good luck with the choice


Nth Qld 2 year old Shannon

.... sorry ... not a fan of RAVEN ... as above mentioned i think of 'rav'n lunatic' ... i think Raven is more of a possible girls name ... although it does have bad meanings about death to it.
Think Emily Rose is just gorgeous ... my neice is Emma Rose. I'm going with Amelia as its a French form of Emily.
... Skittles ... I think Corbin is a great name! .. Kaden is nice too.
Is is Mahalia pronounced 'Mar-lia' or 'Ma-ha-lia'. Is definitely different ... I do like Tahlia as well.
Choosing names is fun, but can be difficult. We're going for Archer if a boy - but not telling family or friends as they all have their opinoins & i don't want it to influence us too much.
Hi Megzee
I'm not a fan of Raven, he'll probably get called ravenous at school (you've got to think of these things I guess) but maybe look up other names that mean raven. I think Corbin is one which I think is a terrific name.
All the best.
we were thinking of using Raven for our little one.. as it's the name of one of my favourite pro-wrestlers.. But i think it sounds better for a girl, like in the show.. That's so Raven.... But then i think the bub would need dark (raven coloured)

Good Luck in finding a name you and hubby can agree on!!

Foley 03/05/04, Corbin 13/04/07

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