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A middle name to go with Imogen!! Lock Rss


My fiancee came up with the gorgoeus name of Imogen but we are racking our brains trying to come up with a middle name!!! I love the middle name of Rose but he says its too old fashioned!


Thanks! xoxox

Proud mum of Imogen and Charlotte, SA

Hi there,
My old boss had a daughter called Imogen and her middle name was Grace,they used to call her Imogen Grace with the beautiful face! I think that sounds cute.
I'm not sure this helps but i thought i'd let you know.


Vanessa ,DS-8, DD-6, DS-17.12.05


I think Imogen Louise or Imogen Maree would be beautiful. You'll come up with something that is amazing I'm sure.

Good Luck!
I love names, have ever since I was little and Imogen is a beautiful name. Here's a couple of suggestions of some not so old-fashioned names.

Imogen Belle / Bella (means Beautiful)
Imogen Dakota (means friend)
Imogen Makaria (means happy)
Imogen Saige / Sage (means healthy, wisdom)

And here are a few variations on Rose too:

Imogen Rosa
Imogen Rosae
Imogen Roze
Imogen Rozan

Good luck

Hi Lel,
not that this will be of any help to you but before i had even read your full message, just the heading, Imogen Rose came straight to mind. I think it's a gorgeous name.
I'm having trouble finding a boys name. I know that I want it to start with L but my partner and i can't seem to agree on anything.
Funny, when I was pregnant with my daughter i had plenty of boys names picked (none of them any good anymore) and now that i'm pregnant with a boy there are so many pretty girls names that i really like.
Oh well i'm sure we'll come up with something soon enough!!
Take care

Kylie, SA, Mum of Tiahna 9yo and Liam 23.06.06

How's Imogen Shae? Good luck!!
How about Imogen Joy

Hi, I kinda like the old fashioed names they are coming back. Try Imogen Lillie it is so pretty.
Or Imogen Sky, My eldest girl is named sky and she is 17 and due to have her first baby in december!!
All the best

Jennie,Vic 17,14,9,2 & 2mths

I like Imogen Chloe
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