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I am pregnant with my second child and my partner and i have picked the names already and everyone we have told about the names dont like them. I know that other opinions dont count but i just want to know what people think...thats just me. Well if its a boy his name is going to be:
Rhys Christopher and if its a girl her name will be Kameeka Jayne. What do u think??

2 little angels,17 months and one on the inside

i like both names, both individual choices, its a hard thing to do pick names, but in the end u need to b happy with the choices u make.

shell g mum 2 b

I think both of those names are great! It is funny when you tell people about the names you have picked and they kinda just go "oh! Ok! Well i didnt care what they thought i have a 3 week old son and his name is Asher Sean. Asher means Joyful, happy and sean means Gods grace. So iwas a big believer in what the names meant. I think like any name it grows on people and the little person you have given it to, well they kinda just grow into it. Asd long as you love it stuff anybody else!! I think people are way to opinionated about the names you chose.

I love both of them, everyone has different tastes in names and no one else has to call their kids that if they don't like it which means at least they won't be common lol. Best of luck

Sam,NSW,Elise 7/9/05

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