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  5. what do you think of the name kaos?

what do you think of the name kaos? Lock Rss

"well she spelt Chaos wrong too so why not spell the other names wrong! pfft"

Pfffffffffffft to you too !!!!!!!!!!!!!
wow there are alot of comments on here...some not so nice ones too. I personally dont like the name (work at a vets) & i see to many dogs and cats with the name (no offence intended there either!)
Me and my partner had trouble agreeing on a girls name, its hard to find one name you both like! And not just a name that one person likes! we thought of boys names straight away but had trouble with girls names (as we didnt find out the sex). we didnt pick a name till she was born in the end anyway lol
Goodluck with finding a name u both like!

Our baby is nearly 1!!!

Get DH a fish and let him call it Kaos smile Problem solved!
It kind of sounds like a celebrity baby name (i.e. Bronx). Not a big fan but it's really up to you guys.

I used to work in a sex shop called Kaos

I would get your partner to read this thread.
I can't understand why people feel the need to foist stupid names like Pilot Inspektor upon their kid or add 10 silent k's to a normal name, just so their child stands out and is 'special'.
All children are unique, their characteristics make them unique-not a name.
Great name for a pet....terrible choice for a child IMO.

i know this is old and all the people dislike it but the only people ever teased in school about their names that i know of or seen were mean/bad kids and iv seen kids with the the most basic names such as john elizabeth kyle ect get bullied about their name and some of the most famouse/rich people have really unique fun names and yeah chaos is crazy and maybe not the best but everyone has a little choas in their lives that makes life a little more intresting (like your pets that you love so much but name choas koas as well) name your kid what you want or what you think their name should be withought fear of judgment from other people a name is important and is with you for life but it also doesnt define you if it did what would names lile tiffany and bob mean thats all ????????
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