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  5. what do you think of the name kaos?

what do you think of the name kaos? Lock Rss



1st impression: get smart( the tv show)

That's the first thing that popped into my mind as well!

I'm all for different names but not names that set the bub up for ridicule, that's not fair. I don't mean to be mean but that is as bad as calling your kid Pilot Inspektor!

I'm sorry but as a teacher of primary ages kids Kaos is in the 'you can't be serious!!!' category. When he grows up teachers are going to always wonder what he'll be like when he comes into their class and Kaos will be forever having to spell it for people.
I've seen some really strange names and I always wonder why parents do it to their kids. No one ever spells them correctly and are constantly mispronouncing them.
You don't need to have a boring name maybe just don't choose one that labels your beautiful little boy trouble before he has even shown people how special he really is gasp)
All the best in choosing, it isn't easy I know!
Not my cup of tea sorry
my husband played in a band called Kaos, same spelling....I wouldn't name my son Kaos
Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!! Sorry, that's real sad...
OMG...i didn't expect to get that many terrible replies!!!
Personally, I agree with all...kaos is a terrible name for a child. And I am not going to name my child that whether daddy likes it or not! He is dead set keen on it though! And I just keep asking myself WHY WHY WHY?


I don't like it al all

EEEK!!!! NOOOO! Please don't do that to him lol

Just say nope don't like it and keep looking smile He can't name your baby boy that if you don't like it too
don't be so damned cruel. May as well use the name moron - it's in the same category.
Posted by: iwishiwasamom
If you going to make a comment at least spell it right...
its destruction and despair!!1
this is a geunine post

well she spelt Chaos wrong too so why not spell the other names wrong! pfft
Is Kaos-to-be's daddy serious??? How would he like having a name like that??? I think you should start calling him Kaos and see how he likes it!
Posted by: vkw
1st impression: get smart( the tv show)

That is what I thought as well

I hate it by the way

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