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  5. what do you think of the name kaos?

what do you think of the name kaos? Lock Rss

Yuck but each to their own

no i don't like it...its just asking for trouble really...he will live up to his name!!! especially when he starts getting teased at school

i'm not for all these weird names...i would hate to have one myself, so i wouldn't put my child through it...even adding an h to the end of a name unnecessarily is too much for me lol!!!

sorry i don't like it. i think it would be cruel. ppl would laugh at the kid. if u like it that much maybe use it as a middle name.... is it even an actual name?

ds3yrs dd2yrs ds9mths

No way would i call a child by this name it's terrible.
kelandtahlia - This has received so much attention but you haven't posted a reply. Just wondering if daddy still likes it??

I first thought of get smart too.....

I like the piece of advice someone gave re the professional name plate. I never thought of it that way but it is brilliant.

Just think of the poor Apples and Rumurs and Peaches' out there......

I'm all for something a bit different but I think Kaos just steps (or pole vaults) over that line.......
i couldnt do it, plus a friends dog is called chaos, it suits a dog lol (hmm that sounded like i was callnig your unborn a dog, but im deffinately not)!!!!
Posted by: kelandtahlia
My partner and I are expecting a boy..just wondering what anyone thinks of the name Kaos for a boy...that's what daddy wants to call him!

Umm sorry but I had a cat named that, exactly the same spelling and all! I couldnt imagine having a son named that but then again, its your decision and no-one can stop you from naming our son a certain name!

Sorry, I don't like it either. He would get such a hard time from people at school.

Yuck! There are plenty of nice yet unusual names for boys out there if unusual is what your husband wants.

I think he needs to have a serious think about why he wants to inflict that on his son!

1st I thought this was a post about asking if it sounded like a cool dogs name. Sorry don't meant to offend but its not a nice kids name. IMO.

but then Dh wouldn't let me call my son Max because he thought it was a dogs name - so each to their own. =)
I think kaos was the name of some secret mens group at ASIO. Could date back to the 80's or 90's but I remember my dad made himself a t-shirt with the logo on it to $h!t-stir a guy he knew that worked at ASIO. This guy got really upset about it cos it was supposed to be like a secret society thing.

I think it's an awful name but each to their own...
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