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  5. what do you think of the name kaos?

what do you think of the name kaos? Lock Rss

i am one for wanting unusual here i was was trying to figure out what the big deal was. haha, took me a while that it was chaos.

yes i like it.
Nope, not for me at all! It sounds like a name from the trend in America of calling your kid names after natural disasters: Tornado, Hurricane, Earthquake...(yes, I am serious!!!) Kaos fits in with that lot to me! lol

3 Gorgeous Girls!

Very unique! How about destrucktion or dispare for a middle name?
If you going to make a comment at least spell it right...
its destruction and despair!!1
this is a geunine post
What about Kaios like Kai- os?
Chaos is spelled wrong. They need to spell the middle name wrong too so it will be even more unique and special. YAY!

*rolls eyes*

But seriously, please do NOT name your son Kaos. It is child abuse. Kyros is not my style, but it is 100% better than Kaos and won't hold him back in life. I urge you to go with Kyros instead.
Can't say I'm a fan of Kaos sorry, does just remind me of chaos. Saying that tho I'm not really a fan of Kyros either but we can't all like the same names. I wouldn't go quite as far as to say it's child abuse tho.

My Mum gave me a bit of good advice years ago. She said that the name you give your child should look good on the brass plate of a professional's office. What she meant was that you shouldn't give them a name that could hold them back in life. Sorry but Kaos sounds like one of those names.
Just a word of warning, my friend named her daughter Trinity and she reckons its like having 3 kids in one!!! I prefer the Kyros too! Or Kai, or Kaiden...

Not a fan sorry, the poor boy will be teased his whole life IMO.

You are asking for trouble lol!! Kaos.. the kid will be a terror for sure lmao gasp)

Each to their own though, If you like it go for it smile
I think you'll be asking for Trouble!

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