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what do you think of the name kaos? Lock Rss

My partner and I are expecting a boy..just wondering what anyone thinks of the name Kaos for a boy...that's what daddy wants to call him!


Omg...what?!! U can't be serious!?? I'm all for differen't names but that's just...wrong (IMO) It's like having Danger for a middle name hehe..

Of course though, each to their own smile

I like it hehe
like Kyros too
Do you want us to say we don't like it to turn him off it?

I don't like it! lol
mmm, normally I'm into all things different - but a big no to this one!

I agree with Anna - Kyros is nice
lol thats aweful! y not just spell it and agree with a pp.. y not make it Kaos danger.. hehe its quite funny.. if u were serious on this name i am sorry.. i wasnt meaning to it reminds me of that aweful movie talledega nights with his boys texas and walker ranger or wateva it was..

It's awful.. thats giving a baby a bad name from the beginning.. I dont' think i could do that to my child.
I don't like it at all.
Up to you though smile
Nope sorry i think its terrible!
Bit girlie
Having a different name may cause a bit of troble at school and later life, when choosing a name think about the childs whole lifs anf if it will suit it then. If you still choose to hav it than always give the child an option when they are older to go through deed poll.

All the best


1st impression: get smart( the tv show)

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

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