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defferent spellings of Lincoln?? Rss

spell it Liikuhjhn and say its actually said Lincoln but we wanted it spelt a bit different

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

hey there

i personally don't like the double 'L' but that's just me.. it's your bubba so you can call it what you like smile

my cousin had a baby recently whos name is Lincon Zander.. he was named after his uncle who was also Lincon.

good luck with whatever you choose, as long as you and dh love it i am sure it will be fine smile

Moo x
Sette wasn't rude just honest and I for one agree with her smile
lol well im not even entirely sure on lincoln anymore.. it is so difficult to choose boys names..
i like so many but so little me and my partner can agree on.. i love Cohen.. and a few of the ones people suggest.. but so unsure... i will just hav to wait and see.. or hope its a yer i want meaning to offend either.. just me having my vent back

I spelt my sons name Linkoln its a cool alternative and he loves it..
Lloyd has two ll's because it's a Welsh name derived from the adjective llwyd meaning grey. Is Welsh "ll" is a separate letter in the alphabet and separate sound to "l". I'm not entirely sure it would work for a name line Lincoln but I suppose it wouldn't matter unless you know a lot of Welsh people or travel to Wales a lot.
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