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  5. defferent spellings of Lincoln??

defferent spellings of Lincoln?? Rss

do u reckon i could spell it Llincoln? or wont it work?lol do u hav ne suggestions of diff ways i can spell it??

I would stick with Lincoln.

do u reckon??? so Llincoln is a no go? i was just wondering seeing as u can do it with Lloyd whether it would work with other 'l' names

Lincon, Lincoyn, Lyncoln, Lyncoyn

i just got these of a baby website

i like Lyncoln

im not sure if you could put Llincoln i guess it prob would matter

[Edited on 07/12/2008]
[Edited on 07/12/2008]

Lyncoln isnt too bad actually.. i still like original spelling (Lincoln) and Llincoln/ Llyncoln..

what do u think??

its ok i guess just looks different because never seen it spelt that way before if i had to choose with Ll id go Llyncoln it looks nice that way least that way if he does go to scholl with other lincolns there not all spelt the same he has his on uniqueness
[Edited on 07/12/2008]

Looks like a spelling mistake to me with the double L -
if you absolutely had to change it, I would spell it Lyncoln - it's funny, I normally like alternate spellings - but it doesn't seem to work at all with this name...
lol yeah its funny with that isnt it.. Lloyd looks normal with the double 'L' but lincoln doesnt look quite right.. i dont know i just might stick with the original even if i do settle on the double l which i doubt at least it would be different but the names already unpopular enuff that u dont need to?? do u agree??

Sorry, I'm going to have to vent a little here as this is a pet hate of mine...

Put yourself in his shoes, everytime he has to give his name he'll have to say "Llincoln, with two Ls" and then they'll say "Two Ls at the start or at the end?"

I think Lincoln is the only choice. If you want your child to have a unique name, choose one, changing the spelling does not make it unique, to me it makes it look like their parents couldn't spell. I personally think you'll be fine with Lincoln, it's a little trendy at the moment but it's unlikely there'll be 3 or 4 in the class.

Ok, that's my rant for the day. I actually really like both or your name choices, just don't ruin them!lol
the father and i hav settled on Lincoln but was just wondering how other people spell it.. u hav to spell it out to them whatever ur name is!! my name is Megan and i always hav to clarify the spelling otherwise people just write meagan!! so if ur going to vent about other peoples choices let them know without attacking them personally
[Edited on 08/12/2008]

i was just seeing what people thought.. there hav been several other people asking what they could hav for alternate spellings so was just wondering what evry1 could come up with for lincoln.. which really is only spelt one way.. im not good at boys name.. my first was called after his daddy
[Edited on 08/12/2008]

Sorry, didn't mean to be rude but you actually did ask, several times. Glad you have decided on Lincoln.
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