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Hi kim
I know what you mean my mum is the same but i don't care what she says. We have given everyone a list of names including one that they like but have told them we will not know what to call him until he is here.

I hope this helps good luck

Rylee 2 big brother to Tyler mummy angel boys


I am totally sypathetic! My inlaws can be a little oppinionated on this, my mother in law has even said that if she doesn't like the name we pick, she'll make up a nickname!

So what we have decided on is, we know it is a girl on the way, and we told everyone that, so when they ask for a name, we tell them that it will be a surprise for everyone!

Something else I thought, was that, when you are pregnant and tell people what names you like people will say "I don't like that" quite openly, but after the baby is born, they will be too busy gooing and gaaing, plus they won't want to offend you!

I hope this is some help!

PS Tell the inlaws that you will have to give the baby an alternate surname to go with their suggestions, that might make them back off a little!

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Hi There,

This is my first go at this too!

I've got about a week to go, and everyone wants to know what the name is gonna be.

I'm my case it's not the parents who are the problem. All they want is a healthy grandchild and they're not making any comments on what we can and can't name the baby.

My hubby and I made the mistake of telling our families what name we liked for a girl ( that's what we think we're having - but we are prepared either way ), most thought that it was okay. Except both of our sisters. One said that she 'hated' it, the other said that i can't use it, some people who she used to know used to have a dog with that name. The name we were thinking of is Sasha. It really bothered me for a while. Now if anyone asks, i just say that we're not really thinking about it until the baby is here. We have chosen a couple of other names, too, but we're keeping quiet with them.

I can only tell you what other people tell me, you choose what you want. If anyone has a problem with it, they'll get over it eventually.

Good Luck!!

Sasha's mum.

Hi Kim,

I can't believe how badly your inlaws are behaving. It is so rude of them to insist you use names they like. Is your DH able to ask them quietly how they would have felt if their in-laws did taht to them when they were expecting him? It really is a decision that is yours and your DH alone. I think it is probably a good idea to tell them you haven't decided yet and once they see their grandchild hopefully they will have forgotton all about their suggestions and be caught up in the joy of being grandparents.

I wish you all the best.

Hi Kim,

I'm new to posting also. It's hard not to offend your family when they don't seem to mind doing it to you. I find they just want to know before everyone else.

Everyone asks do you know what you are having, then have you picked out any names.

My trouble is that my DH and myself can't agree on a name boy or girl, I think a girls name will be easier then picking a boys name. (we don't know what we are having) I want my baby to have a name the day it is born.
My EDD is the 15 march, 10 days.

At least you have picked your names, Good luck with your family

Kate & Luke 14-3-06 & Shae 30-9-08

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