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Please help me choose a boys name ! Lock Rss

Am due in 3 weeks and can't decide on which boys name is best ....
William, Jack or Archie?
(... is Jack too common, Archie too mean for when he's 18yrs old ?)

I also like Myles, Noah, Fletcher, Harry and Oscar but hubby doesn't agree.

Would love your help in seeing what you think is best! x

Cass, DD03/06, TTC#2

William is nice, Archie is cute, but kids can be cruel! Jack is very common but is also cute, can you and your husband agree on any of those 3 names?? I have a freind in the same predicament as you, seems to be harder to choose boys names than girls. It's up to you guys but, i would tend to lean towards Jack or William.

Good luck with the name, and the birth.
Hope to hear what you agreed on!

I love Harry and Oscar but that's not much help to you if hubby doesn't agree. Maybe you could choose one of these names as a middle name.

Jack is very popular and so is William but both are lovely more classic names that you can't go wrong with and everyone knows how to spell and pronounce them.

Archie is a bit different or how about Archer. It's a strong manly name and you could call him Archie as a nickname. Lisa McCune (actress well known from Blue Heelers) called her first son Archer.
I really like William (my Dad's middle name). I know quite a few young Jack's. How about Archer? A friend named her son that and it's really lovely, strong and it can be shortened (as every name eventually is it seems).

We've had twins twice - first time, my husband picked the boys name and I picked the girls name. second time, I picked the boys name and he picked the girls name. Neither of us were convinced of each others choices till we saw the babies and we knew we'd picked the right names!

Our boys are Addison and Brighton - not so common in Australia, but both are popular overseas.

Good luck!

Good luck!
Thank you for all your suggestions ... we have now decided on having William or Archer, and using 'John' as the middle name for hubby's dad.

Think now when bubs born (& if is a boy) will see what he looks like & choose then. I really like Archer now for the birth certificate and call him Archie, then when he's older he can be Archer if he wants to be.

So is to be Archer or William, or Amelia for a girl! Am very excited. Packed the hospital bag last night & think i have everything organised so am just waiting for bub to arrive now !

Thanks for your help x

Cass, DD03/06, TTC#2

hi there dont know if I can help but we had the same problem when choosing names. Bubs isnt born yet but we came up with Cheydon, Chey came from my partners birthname- Cheyenne, don is from the partner uncle- Dion just took the "I" out so thats how we came up with Cheydon. Both grandfathers are both called Daniel so we agreed on giving our boy Daniel as a middle name.I dont know if you were looking at mixing the names up like we have but if you wanted to keep it simple id probably go with Williamas a first name and use the name Jack as a middle name that way you'd have both names you like in one. When we first started deciding names for bubs our main concern was how it would affect him at school and whether it would be manly enough for when he gets older. Couple years ago my mind was set on calling him Cheyenne cause Ive always loved the native americans and it was quite a manly name back then but now it sounds to girly. Well dont know if I was any help but good luck let us know how you get on

Aroha, NZ

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