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your name etc Rss

i have changed too.. and my siggy is gone since had the names of girls on them.. So now they are L & R.. LOL.

Birthday party yesterday went really well.. girls were pretty worn out afterwards and slept all night!
Tomorrow we gotta get ready to go away... so hopefully it all gets done in time.
If you want Mum1007 smile I can do you a new siggy minus the names? Up to you, but just let me know - it doesnt take me long to do them now! smile had a bit of practice...

I thought about not putting my boys up on siggy, but I miss them when I'm posting - love looking at their little faces smiling at me - yeah I know - I'm a sucker smile
ooo yes please boy-0-boy.. That would be nice..
I'm under my maiden name online but only on myspace or something like that.. dont' think i ever used it.

I am really into ABBA recently.. LOL.. musta been from the movie MAma mia which i LOVED.
Yah for us girls! 1000 posts smile

Love your new sig boy-o-boy! your little munchkins are soo cute! When you have time you can make me a new one too smile just kidding i know your busy!

Well i worked again today...sigh...i dont know how some people work every day! Its tiring coming home and still having to cook dinner, feed and bath W! But my boss rang on saturday and asked if i could do mon, tues and wed this week as they are short on staff, shouldnt complain though the extra money does help!

Anyway im off to have some dinner, chat later!
whats the go with all the anonymity? did i miss something?? i suddenly thought we had all these new members to our thread! anyways ill play along but its gonna be hard now!

mum1007 have a good trip, hope L&R are good for u smile and hope everything works out ok re: heart murmur.

*L*Shar get your hubby to cook dinner, he should know how tired u will be! ahh extra money, i miss that!

mind blank sorry girls! talk soon smile

Hey chick,

was reading a thread in general (she also has an unusual name) and she had googled herself and all her past threads came up! Not bad in itself I spose, but just got me thinking... so thought I'd take it back just a little bit, that way not all my dirty laundry is aired for the rest of the world to see smile

plus there's been a few real nasty you know whats around lately - been getting a couple of pm's that are just nasty, and I cant be bothered with all that c r a p.

So dont freak out! we are still here@ smile

LShar - I will do a sig for you too if you want - it really doesnt take me long at all - I have it down pat. Just let me know thru fb which pics? and what sort of style, coloured, b&w, sepia, funky etc etc?

well girlies going to watch desperate hw's! bye for now! smile
Hi everyone,

Hope you don't mind me joining in here.

Me - Telia, 24yrs old
DH - Chase, 27yrs old
DS - Seth, 5yrs old
DD - Alyssa, 3yrs old
DD - Addison, 1yrs old

My husband and I are currently trying to concieve number four. I'm currently CD3. Hopefully I might have some luck this month.

I'm new to this so just thought I would say hi.

HI Telia welcome smile

Where abouts are you from?

I'm Anna I'm from NZ.

Sending lots of baby dust your way, so many people wanting a bfp this month!
Hi everyone~!

I'm Sarah - 25
DP is 24
DD Mya - 6
DD Mikayla - 1
Due 14th July and having my scan on monday, hopefully they can see all bubs bits !! hehe

DP is spanish / filipino and i'm nz european n we all live in auckland, new zealand smile

Welcome Sarah another New Zealander smile
ooh how exciting have you got a gut feeling if it blue or girl?
Have you got names picked?

It's been raining all today here today I am wishing it over to Australia.
Hi Anna,

I'm from Perth.

I have lived in NZ for a while when I was younger though. In the Palmerston North area. I hope to come back for a visit one day soon.

Thanks for the baby dust. A friend of mine told me she was pregnant the other day. I so can't wait till it's my turn. I'd love to go through a prenancy with a friend so we can whinge together, lol.

Hi to the newbies, sorry mind blank on names, I'm terrible like that lately! havent been on in a bit, been franticly lookin for a house so we can have everything set up before bub comes in May

Aww lots of baby dust for Twilightangel!

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