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your name etc Rss

We almost dropped off the first page LOL.. hi everyone! I have been slack replying coz I am too hugely pregnant and tired to care LOL... I have a Dr appt today finally! I haven't seen my Dr since I was 26 weeks so I am a bit annoyed about it. Last time he told me I had a weight problem and needed to only eat salad so I already know he's going to be a jerk about my weight. I am growing a freaking baby for goodness sake! I also tend to have large babies so he can get stuffed quite frankly! I am usually a size 10-12 when I'm not pregnant so I couldn't give a rat's bum what he thinks.
Sorry for the rant! I am getting upset already!
Anyways hope everyone is coping ok in this heat. I will be back on later to chat. Until then have a great day xoxo
Hi girls

Two Tinkerbells - what a cruel Dr sad Is your blood pressure and everything ok? You're damn right - you're growing a baby!!! Last time I checked 10-12 was perfection? Don't stress too much babe, I am sure you'll have a gorgeous happy and healthy bubs which is the main thing smile

How is everyone else? Violet's little friends birthday was gorgeous. All the little girls were dressed as fairies and had a blast. The Mums had fun too! My sister in law had her baby over night and I am so excited - Zaria Grace - never heard of Zaria before, but each to their own! Going to go and cuddle her when DH gets home from work. He's cluckier than I am I think. Gosh, another weekend spent inside or at the beach if it cools off a bit. Poor Violet just wants to play outside with the dogs in the sandpit and her pool! Too sunny and too hot.

Anyway, hope you're all well smile


Hey ladies..
Shelley- the money hasn't actually gone through government yet so even though everyone is expecting it.. it still might not happen. There are people opposing it so have to wait and see..

Casey- How horrible for your doctor to say that.. if you dont' mind me asking how much weight have you put on?? I put on tons when i was pregnant but lost most of it when i had the girls...

Jess- I have heard of Zara but no Zaria it's quite unusual but quite pretty.. was the birth and everything ok?? How big was she? Do they have any other children?

We have a birthday party on Sunday at lunch time.. one of the girls friends is turning 1 so that should be fun, lots of little kiddies to play with..

Is cold here today.. and i'm not very well.. i have a runny nose and a headache and a bit of a sore throat and i'm SO tired!! This morning i woke up feeling like i was going to vomit, but after i ate something it seemed to clear up a bit.

Leilani is still being difficult i think she's having a bad time with the teething at the moment she wont' sleep during the day at all and wakes up all the time at night.

[Edited on 06/02/2009]
[Edited on 06/02/2009]
Hi Girls!

Casey - That is ridiculous! I'd be getting a new Dr if you are that upset abou seeing him already, too stressfull! Good Luck with it!

Shelley - If it does go through you'll get the money in April. I'm glad we are getting something this time. We missed out last time cause we don't have kids, but we still have a mortgage so it'll be handy.

Jess - I really like Zaria! How cute! Yeah, is she their first? I'd like to know the sibling's names if there are any!

We are off to a 30th tonight so that should be good.
Supposed to be in the mid 40's here tomorrow.

Hope you feel better soon Monique! You poor thing, especially if Leilani is being difficult as well!
Just saving us so we dont drop onto the second page!!
we seem to have moved to facebook!

Corie just told me to come look and the monarch butterfly has emerged from it's chrysalis I was disappointed as wanted to see it emerge but forgot to check it this morning!
anyways we took some photos smile will put them up.

what's everyone up to? we are having lazy day today?

sprinkles baby dust smile

will be back on later to reply to everyone
Hi everyone! Hope no-one is badly affected by those dreadful fires burning at the moment.

I have been working all weekend and it was some busy shifts. Got a heap of my own work done which was great but it was so hot in the office and I am suffering lack of sleep. I am fighting with DH at the moment grrrrr and my hormones are all over the place. I am stressed out because I am getting tested for pre-eclampsia. Blood pressure was 180/80 at my appt and it is never over 100/60 even when preggers. No wonder I am swelling so bad. Also having sizing scan coz I am carrying a baby hippo LOL... I had put on 28kg but have lost some weight over the last few weeks and now it means I've put on 24kg. Pfffttt... Dr is just freaking out because I want another VBAC and he's convinced I will have a huge baby if I put on too much weight. Oh well.

Will come on later for personals. Hope everyone is going well. Talk soon xoxo
Hi all...

Yep - think this convo has moved to FB!! Just no time to reply to everyone in person here atm - by the time I get started it's time to log off again - that's why I'll do the quickie replies for name advice - then go again.

Going to start using my boys siggy names MrT and JD, googled my name and the boys: HOW SCARY we now come up - I'm officially freaked out - dont know if I like my name floating around cyberspace - let alone my boys names :S
A thread in General got me onto it - someone else has a unique name too, and it's freaked her out, so she changed her user name. I'm wondering if I should do the same? How do you erase yourself of the www? I dont think it's possible is it? I'm so stupid at this computer stuff sad

JD tends to be a bit more awake now, so I dont get alot done quickly anymore... all my chores seem to take heaps longer.

better run - JD be awake soon for the "last" feed before I go to bed, so sorry again - I know I'm horrible for not replying to anyone! If I do one, I have to do you all! smile lol

Night Night x

eta - just thought I probably sound like a crazy lady that owns 127 cats and has frizzy hair and warts on her nose hehehe :S
[Edited on 08/02/2009]
Hey everyone!

Just another quick one from me too - being worrying a bit about the privacy on here latley too, changed my username just for somthing differant but i think ill just refer to everyone by their usernames from now on and their kids by intials! Seems a wee bit 'safer' dont seem to come on her much to chat latley anyway - prefer facebook as their is more privacy on there smile

Well hope everyones doing ok! Im off to bed too!
Hey all, I agree about the names. I come up when I google myself, name, addy, phone no., because I filled out a form for foster care. I don't know how to get rid of it either.

I'll start a new FB convo and include everyone but I don't have Jess. Does anyone?
I don't come up on google there's heaps of us! but I can understand that girls!

Hope everyone has a good day today smile Ive got after school run today just this week then I'm back to Uni so probably won't have so much time.

Oh and I didn't want to tell you guys but there has been hackers in FB it was on the news in NZ a couple weeks ago, identify theft someone got in their account and changed all their details but saying to their friends they were them and locked out and they needed to get into their fb for some reason.
I come up under oldfriends with my kindy & school.

And under mu maiden name spelt wrong but all about the wedding
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