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Hey girls!

Monique - the picture the girls did for chris sounds very sweet! did he like it? cant wait to start doing things like that with wakelin!

Shari - wow annulment is pretty nasty! i couldnt imagine pretending a marriage never exsisted! but them im against divorce too, to me marriage is a commitment you make for life smile

Umm was going to reply to the others but i cant remember what everyone else posted...oops! We did our grocery shopping this morning and wakelin had his first tantrum on the shop floor! ARGH! i had to quickly run into target to get my friend who had a baby yesterday a presant so i carried him in, had to wait at the checkout to pay and he kept trying to throw himself down, so i put him down and held his hand but them he ran away, went to grab and he thru himself on the floor and started screaming!!! i was sooo embarrassed! im sure it wont be the last time somthng like that happens though smile oh was also gonna tell you girls one of my friends had a baby yesterday, a little boy, 10lb 4oz!!!! she was 11 days overdue! can you imagine! hehe they named him Jake, hopefully ill get a chance to visit soon smile
Holy cow Batman! 10 pd! My boys were 8 pds and a bit. Dont mind the name Jake, but a bit boring for me...

Sorry had to have a giggle at your expense re: the tanties... just thought in my head "welcome to my world!" I'm sooo mean smile

I can reassure you that it will not be the first time - in fact if Tyran is anything to go by, you will feel increasingly more embarrassed each time! Then (they're so clever!) you'll go and they'll be little angels, and you let you're guard down only to have the little devil rise up again!
LOL Sytarnya you crack me up! Yep wakelin was 8lb 11oz so 10lb is pretty huge!!!!!! i agree, not a real fan of Jake but i like anything differant smile keep forgetting to tell you i LOVE your sig! Tyrans smiling face (second pic) brings a smile to my face every time! Think i need an updated one now...
[Edited on 03/02/2009]
Its Jyden's wee tummy that makes me giggle hehe.

Oh no but Wakelin's not 2 yet he's not ready for terrible twos and your not ready hehe.

Wow! Corie was 9lb 4oz I think I don't want any big bubs hehe.

We off shopping soon, I'm in a grumpy mood.
Thanks for the tea tip Monique, I'll try it next month. Where would I get it? He had their marriage annulled so he could marry his new girlfriend in the catholic church. It's apparently her grandmother's dying wish that one of the grandchildren get married in the church not even the bride's idea. I'm sorry, but that isn't good enough to annul your children!! Oh well, it's done now.

Maxi was 10 days late, I remember I was so impatient and I lived with Grandma at the time and she was quite ill and kept saying she had to live until Tomoko had the baby (her 2nd great grandchild but the first was an accident by a very young cousin so wasn't really celebrated) so it was good for her to have something to live for. She actually made it until he was almost 5 months which was nice. She adored him but wasn't a fan of his name! LOL Anyway, he was only 8 pounds. Tomoko went to have accupuncture to bring on labour and it worked so well he was almost born in the car on the Sydney harbour bridge!LOL

Sytarnya - I love that bath pic too, as I've said 100 times and the second one of Tyran looks so much like Gordon from what I can see from pics!

Sharelle - You poor thing! I wouldn't worry, happens to everyone. I took Gabe shopping, told him we were going to the toy store but I thought I'd get a few things I needed while we were there. As soon as I got to the door of Kikki.K he had a total meltdown. I didn't want to let him win so I went in and bought my stuff with him screaming, the shop was empty, fortunately, but everyone walking past had a good look.LOL I told him if he couldn't behave we'd go straight home with no toy store and so that's what we did!
Hey all.

Thanks for the friendly welcome smile

Violet has been doing the same lately. We went to Rundle Mall today because I needed to pick up DH's wedding ring that I had engraved - and she cracked a tanty in the middle of Myers sad Very embarassing, had to calm her down in the store rather than try and walk out into the mall with 1000 staring eyes! I don't particularly enjoy people staring at me, but they are kids and that's what they do! Some more than others..

Have a friends daughters 3rd birthday tomorrow, little Giselle! She's such a spoilt little thing. Violet and I picked her out some cute Dora items as she is very much a fan!

We're about to put our house on the market as we've bought a block of land and building has started. Very exciting but stressful, and as we've just started TTC it's going to be crazy if we get pregnant as the house won't be finished until after the baby is due.

Well I should finish getting tea ready! DH is busy having a beer with our neighbours, more of a social butterfly than me at times smile

Have a nice night girls smile


Hi Jess,

Dont think i said welcome to you yet so sorry and welcome! glad im not alone in the tantrum department smile although im worried what the terrible two's will bring! Good luck with selling the house, were trying the same thing at the moment, been for sale for 4 months now with not much luck, about to change estate agents and see what that brings smile

Have a good night everyone!
Hey Jess, My husband is exactly the same! I hear his motorbike come home from work and then he doesn't come inside. Half hour later I peek out and he's talking over the fence to one of the neighbours! He drives me nuts smile I can't take him anywhere without him bumping in to someone he knows or starting a conversation with a stranger. He's very social.

Good Luck with the house. Interest rates dropped again yestereday! Woo Hoo!
Wakeys Mum - what a beautiful bubba smile How old? Good luck finding a good agent. Some are incredibly slack but still manage to parade around in their BMWs!

Sette - WOOOOHOOO about interest rates! We're paying a massive mortgage at the moment (owning/building) so fingers crossed about selling soon.

Do any of you girls have tips for conceiving? I wrote a post the other day, just asking the best method. Either something you've been told or what's worked for you in the past? We just bd ALL the time with Violet as we were on our honeymoon lol tee hee! So perhaps we should go with that approach? DH is telling me that's what we need to do, but you know men!
Some people think every second day, but I really don't wanna miss that precious little egg!!!!

Well about to head to the birthday party. Violet looks adorable - it's a fairy theme so she has her wings on and a little wand smile Too precious!

Have a nice day girls smile


Yup Sharelle Chris liked the pictures they drew...
Jess- we got pregnant on honeymoon too.. but i dont' want to try that approach again cause i ended up in hospital with a kidney infection on antibiotics etc, so i'm very surprised i got pregnant..
every 2nd day should be ok.. as sperm can last a couple of days so every 2 days should cover it.

Sharelle- I know what you mean about the tantrums, if i move my girls from something they want to play with or look at they throw massive tantrums and throw themselves on the ground arching their backs etc.. Rebekah has taken to biting and throwing stuff at me, Leilani just hits.

Got my hair done.. feels SO different and SO much lighter, you dont' realise how heavy and thick it's got until you get it cut.
Hey ladies, applied for a house yesterday so fingers crossed!!!
lol, love the tantrum stories, I've got alot to look forward too! sad
My mum and sis are also organising a baby shower for me sumtime soon, bit worried by the sounds of some of the games their planning!
hav a great day everyone, i gotta go grocery shopping, yay, not


wow its been a while since i last came on! have been busy nesting haha! glad to see everyone is doing well, apart from the tantrums haha oh dear smile well nothing new with me, just counting down the weeks now, im so impatient i just want the little one out already!

Sytarnya, i heard about the money from the gov. mum said its $950 for each person who put in a tax return last year, is that right? and of course u guys would get more having children. ahh that would help sooo much! when does it all happen?

Anna, glad u r happy in your new home, makes such a difference doesnt it?

Renegade Angel (sorry mind blank on names) we r having our baby shower in 2 weeks. we r just gonna have a party with everyone invited instead of the traditional girls only shower. my mum and sis wanted the whole traditional thing with games and all but its not really my thing so they r helping me organise the party.

well im having really bad preg brain today and cant remember everyone news so will have to sign off now and read back!

Shelley smile

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