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Hey all.
Hope you don't mind me butting in here! Thanks for the invite Sette smile

A bit about me: I'm Jess, have an amazing Hubby Brad and a precious little princess Violet. We live in SA and have decided to try for another bub! I guess officially, this is our first month trying. I can test on the 3rd I think (really clueless about this! very lucky with Violet, 1 month trying willy nilly!!)

Speaking of chocolate, I just ate half a block. Disgusted with myself! Feeling really strange at the moment, either af is almost here or the opposite? I don't even know what signs to look for to hint I may be preg. Did a test this morning, but BFN. Talking to a girlfriend and she thinks it's probably too early as af is technically scheduled to show on the 3rd.

I should stop rambling! Hope you don't mind me joining. I'm new so I would love to join you lovely ladies smile I will read back so I know what's going on with everyone!


Hi Jess, glad you came!
I'm ttc too. Been trying since September. I'll be testing about the 12th. I tend to imagine the signs anyway so it's best not to know!LOL
It's cool you're from SA, I don't think we have any SA girls in here. Do we?
I'm from Newcastle NSW in case you didn't go back far enough to see that.

I'm off to bed now, catch you all later!
Hi Everyone and welcome Jess! Glad to have you on board... smile

Sharelle - awwww - you're the meanest mum EVER! smile smile (just joking OF COURSE) lol... poor little Wakelin - getting all that horrible stuff on his b'day!! and a tooth as well! How's he doing with it all? Is he a real grizzly bear when hes cutting teeth? Tyran was a sooky lala, wanted cuddles and to chew on anything that was frozen. Ahhh the joys...

Anna - so glad you're back! Hope you're all settled in! How does Dakota like the new digs? Did she freak out a bit? Well you've missed a bit of "MEOW" stuff round here! But from the looks of the threads you've replied to , then you've caught up!

Shari - mmm - pretty much chatted all day yesterday lol on fb!!! still sending you the baby dust! Are you still trying this month even tho you are b-maid at the wedding?

Shelley - where you at girl!? Nesting I see... yeah I nested with both my boys from about 20 weeks!! Cleaned out cupboards, washed walls, ceilings, fans, the OUTSIDE (yes i said outside) of the house!, windows, painted walls , you name it I did it! Hope you're not going as crazy as me... not long now!

Monique - how are the girls? Did Leilani get the bug too? Sending dust your way too - how old will the girls be when you have the next bub if you fell preg now?

Well, I'm sure I've forgotten people so I'm sorry for that! Been away too long to reply to everyone's bits.

Thanks for asking bout the boys. Tyran still TT on and off - a bit hit and miss, but he's getting the idea. The tantrums still happening, but not too bad - well lets just say I'm coping ok with them again - that's probably more to the point.

Jyden is gooing and gaaing away! So cute - he smiles all the time, and is such a good little boy - he's really been a dream (compared to Tyran as a newborn).

Tyran continues to love him to dangerous levels! It is so lovely to see his nuturing side, getting the blanket for Jyden and sharing his toys with him, giving him a kiss every time he sees him etc etc.

Well Gordon is cooking and it looks like it's done, so I'll be off!!

Chat soon Chicks
Sytarnya x
Hey ladies..
Welcome Jess.
Sytarnya- Leilani didnt seem to get the bug, and Rebekah ish eaps better today. If i fell pregnant soon then the girls would be about 26 months.
Feeling so yuck lately, SO tired all the time and i have my period AGAIN and very heavy and because i'm anemic it's making me feel sick sad.

Today my brother and SIL had their sendoff.. they leave tomorrow and it was SO sad.. she was crying i was crying sad so didn't want them to leave me and my bro are pretty close and it's not going to be the same without them, so i'm a bit depressed as well.

So don't feel like cooking tonight.. so guess ill have to see what i can come up with.

Sorry Monique, it sounds like you're not having a very good run at the moment. Hope things start looking up soon!
Sytarnya, we did try this month so I think I'd be due around 20th Oct if we were successful. The wedding is 26 Sept so it's not ideal but she has decided we are all wearing dresses the same colour but we can choose the style so that is really good just in case. Also it's Maxi's b'day 18 Oct and my sister's 15 Oct so October is kind of busy anyway.
Chris' Dad is remarrying on Oct 3 this year so I'll hopefully be huge for that too!lol He actually had his 23 year marriage to Chris' mother anulled so he could marry his girlfriend in the catholic church! Can you believe that? I'm sorry but that is ridiculous!
Well, I'm off to work. First time doing the big school run today.
Have a good day Shari! Make sure they know who's boss hehehe smile
Hey everyone,
been awhile since I've been on, still trying to find a house, gets pretty stressful, way too much competition up here! Enjoying my pregnancy at the moment except when bub wants to play soccer and i want to sleep! My sis has gone baby nuts and got on ebay and bid on heaps of clothes and ended up winning all of them! lol so i think we're set for baby clothes!

Anna- oh how i envy u! cant wait till Craig and I have our own place!

Hi Ladies...
Renegade Angel... Don't ya love ebay.. I buy a lot of my girls clothes from there, especially expensive stuff like coats and trackies and jeans etc..

Today is another warm day.. girls are being very good though.

Tomorrow i have a hair appointment to get cut and color before i go to perth... get it nice and tidy.

Anyways we are going to go do playdoh now.. cya later.
Thanks for the welcome back smile

It's great being just us! funny enough but we much more tidy here than we were at Corie's Mum's place! maybe because when its messy looks twice as bad because it's twice as small!.

Shari- I don't know how you do 3pm-1am I would much rather do 7am onwards I'm not a late night owl! Anyone recognised the mystery fish yet? Must b crazy not having a time when you know they be back!annulled? what does that mean, 23 years is a long time!

Sharelle- Is Wakelin having a better week! just aswell I got time to read the massive long email on facebook otherwise would have no idea about your deleted post! very exciting!. Did you find something for your sister's bday? Hope you get some offers on the house! what is the market like in Australia?

MOnique- did you get to the dr? anemia is awful I had really low iron a wee time ago and had to go on iron pills for 2 months but I felt way better after that. Aww it sad your brother and sil moving you will really miss them. How was playdoh? ooh haircut sounds nice I need mine done too. You won't be looking forward to long car trip.

well heres hubby better go I missed him

Catch you girls later xoxox

Sytarnya- sending you skinny vibes hehe. Corie has lost some weight walking to and from work I'm very proud of him!

FLASH! My friend had her bub she just txted me- Ashtin John Wilson born 11.08am, 8lb 3oz 51cm tall, has a very sore but happy Mummy.

Hey Jess welcome :)sending you baby dust for next month!

Christie- I have heaps second hand bub clothes they are great! you can get so many cute ones!you lucky you got a sister who does that! hope you find your own place soon you over the half way mark now!
Well girls are in bed... so it's nice and quiet at the moment..

I have started drinking raspberry leaf tea again.. Hopefully it helps this time.. it seems to have helped in the past. It's great for menstrual problems and helps regulate your period and can even help fertility. So i figured i might as well try, as long as you go off it when you find out your preg.. :-)anything to stop this period..

haven't gone to dr yet. Will see how i go, i know anemia is bad i had it very very bad 16 months ago after delivering the girls.
The playdoh was good rebekah loves it, and she puts little shape things in the playdoh.. then we drew a picture for daddy (more like scribbles but we call it a picture..) it's the first time they've actually done the whole thing themselves so i was pretty proud.
So cute Monique! I love it when they draw things and they know exactly what each scribble is meant to be!
I've heard about that tea. Should I try it? What's it supposed to do? Should I make sure I'm not pregnant this month before I try it?

Anna - A few people made suggestions on the fish, one was a cod I think.
Here's the definition on Annulment - Annulment is a legal procedure for declaring a marriage null and void. Unlike divorce, it is retroactive: an annulled marriage is considered never to have existed.
Yeah, 23 years and two kids never existed! I like to tease Chris about being annuled!lol Chris' dad is ok but he just doesn't think about other people's feelings. How his son's will feel about being annuled. He even asked his ex mother in law to give him a character reference to help with the annulment! She refused.
Hey Shari- Raspberry leaf tea has heaps of medicinal benefits.. From calming stomach aches to helping women with menstrual cycles fertility and during pregnancy (3rd trimester) helps with blood flow, preparing for labour, and helps prevent post natal depression. It probably won't hurt during pregnancy as i drank it when i was first pregnant but they are not sure what it does during early pregnancy they think it might cause spotting.

Annulled marriage sounds horrible, how can you just pretend that the marriage never existed! How horrible for the other partner and the children! Why did they annul their marriage?
I'm not surprised his ex mother in law refused!! We don't believe in divorce or anything.

Meant to be really hot today.. about 35 i think.
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