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If the vitamins make you queezy maybe just take folic acid? Thats the most important one to be taking before you get pregnant.

Yup it was her who's been sick.
I'll try them again and see what happens, if it's no good I'll get just folic acid.
Did you get in to a DR.? Hope you get some sleep tonight!
Lucas has been teething and not sleeping but he's here now and has slept for almost 2 hours so far. I almost forget he's here when he does that! His Mum will pick him up and all he will have done is slept!
Couldn't get into our normal doctor as most of the doctors are away here at the moment.. the only one i could get into was a junior doctor.. But i'll get him to check her ears and throat. She's sleeping at the moment!! YAY!! so hopefully she'll stay that way till we have to go out at 11.30
OH NO!! We're on the second page!!! QUICK where is everyone!

Anyways i might as well write while i'm here.. Drs yesterday was pretty uneventful.. He checked her ears, throat chest, temp. and found nothing so maybe it's just a bug. she is teething which doesn't help either.
She hasn't slept a lot and she's pretty stroppy but we're getting there. She actually ate dinner which was good so she must be feeling better. Although Leilani is now off her food and whingy so we'll probably go through the same thing with her now.

SO glad it's a weekend now... been hanging out for it.
It's my brother and SIL last weekend in town they leave for city life on Monday so at church we are having a barbeque after with everyone to say goodbye. We'll see my brother in a couple of weeks when we go up there anyways.

Hope everyone has a good weekend!!
Everyone is busy bickering!LOL

Glad she feels better but hope Leilani doesn't get sick for you now!
I was at work until 1am last night so I'm so tired! It ruins my whole Saturday! Oh well, mostly it's a great job so can't complain.
Chris is off to go snorkelling, I'm too tired, so I'll just sit on the computer!LOL
Did anyone watch the tennis last night? I'm not a mad tennis watcher but it was an awesome game!
Hey everyone smile
we have internet again hooray smile off to my Nan's after lunch as it's my friends 21st party Sunday night her birthday's Monday. Mostly all moved now and just been working this week.
Biggest news is I have under 2's for my 5week teaching placement yay smile with Corie's old associate but different centre and her has over 2's in a centre I've been at with the associate I had, crazy swap around!

Sharelle- haven't been on fb yet but sounds like Wakelin had a good birthday and was spoilt smile has Wakelin had some teeth through? I was at dentist and have to get lots of fillings keep forgetting to go now its been almost 3 years since I was last there as now it costs me, under 18 = free.

Casey- sounds like you are ready for bub to be out already! hope you find some names you both like soon what about fern for a girl? Did you other girls come early? How is the sorting going was at my nieces last night and helped tidy her room she needs some more storage containers! labelling them with pics so the kids know what goes in them is a good idea.

Sytarnya- how is tt going? hope that Tyran is behaving for you smile do you get one on one time with him while Jyden is sleeping? When does Mil go home? Love the new siggy smile

Monique- heard you guys were having crazy weather has cooled down now? very exciting about ttc good luck smile sending you baby dust smile How is Rebekah now all better? Are you sharing your boys name or keeping it a secret? HOw long you need to take folic acid and vitamins before like 3months? Hope you have a nice bbq at church and it's not toooo hot!

Shari- glad Millicent is okay smile Sounds like you had a good time camping! what kind of fish did you catch? hope you got lucky this month smile sending you lots of sticky baby dust smile I don't like Chantelle but Samson is okay smile does remind me of a dog too though not sure why! How renovations going? you should have a nana nap hehe. Where you with the boys?

Shelley how you feeling? due dates creeping closer!

How is Kirby anyone know?

My friends have a c section Monday to bring Ashton John into the world 7.30am in the morning shes booked for.

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend and catch up with you all Sunday/Monday.

Welcome back Anna!
You've missed a lot!
I love Fern, nice suggestion.
How's the living alone together going? You enjoying it?
Thanks for the baby dust,hopefully this'll be the month.
No renos going on, other than maybe getting a new fence.
Yes, I was with Dom and Gabe yesterday from 3pm - 1am. It's SOOO boring once they go to sleep and I'm a morning person, I don't do well with late nights! I'll prob nap about 3pm today!
Forgot to say we caught Bream, Flathead, Leather Jackets and a Mystery Fish! I'm not a fisherman so I have no idea what the mystery fish was, there's a pic of it on FB if anyone knows anything about fish.

[Edited on 31/01/2009]
Welcome back Anna! How did the moving go? Not too stressfull? Hows things with your MIL now?? I bet its soo nice to be in your own place! Wakelin has cut another tooth - number 5 now smile Poor little guy, celebrated his birrthday monday, got 3 needles on tuesday & cut a tooth on wednesday, needless to say he hasnt had a very good week!!

Monique - How Leilani today? And Rebekah? Hope they are feeling better and not giving you too much grief! Did you manage some sleep last night? I think that would be the worst thing about having multiples, when one gets sick the others likely too follow!

Sytarnya - How are your boys going? Is Tyran behaving better? What was it like having your MIL around? Hope she wasnt too painfull! lol. How little Jyden going? Behaving for you and letting you get lots of sleep?? hehe

Shari - that is a late night looking after the boys! Im good at late nights but not so great the next morning, hehe my problem is though if i have a sleep in the arvo, no matter how tired i am i cant get too sleep at night! It sux! Hope you manage a nap this arvo though!

Well not much going on today, have just cleaned my house cause we have another home open this arvo...argh im sick of them! We did get an offer on the house last week but we knocked it back because the price was soo ridiculous, $30,000 under what we were asking! The cheek of some people!! smile Off to go shopping in a minute, its my sisters 17th birthday next week saturday so i gotta find her somthing special smile

x sharelle
Sharelle- Both the girls seem to be better today, rebekah still has a bit of a nasty cough though. Got sleep last night so that was great!

I think i need to go to the doctor to see if i have anemia, i am really tired all the time and have no energy and have been dizzy and had headaches. SO mighth have to go and ask for Complete Blood Test.

Sharelle- Hope you get an offer on your house that is good soon!

Anna- Glad to see you back and settled in your house.
Yep, I do the late shift every friday night! They have such a hectic social life! The worst part is they never give a time that they'll be home so I just sit there wondering if they'll be home soon... So frustrating! I might give them a curfew next week. I can't sleep in so even though I don't get home til 1.30, I'm still up at 5.30! I will sleep well tonight though!
Poor Wakelin! Not much of a fun birthday week! Is your house with an agent? We should all check it out! Are you moving far?
Hope you are ok Monique! Doesn't sound like much fun at your place ATM!
Good thinking Shari! Just emailed you gals the link on FB!
Hi chicks - just a quickie again!!! Love it nice and fast HAHAHAHAHA - anyway - I've started a thread in General, just thought I'd include you if you wanted... bout leaving kids in the car?

gotta run - been soooo naughty being on computer for this long! MIL flew home today, so back to "normal" (what's that???) next week - oh and I start my "getting my body back" fitness kick!! So send your skinny vibes my way NOW! and if I'm b*tchier, it's because I'm not getting any chocolate sad LMAO!!!
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