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Hey Everyone!

Wow sounds like everyones had a busy/fun long weekend (apart from you Anna - sorry!) We had a great day today! Wakelin didnt really understand it but it was still so cute! We gave him his pressies this morning, from us he got a play gym for outside a little peoples areoplane & some blocks - had them all in the spare room since the k-mart mega toy sale last year august!! he got so spoilt from our families! honestly iv never seen so many toys and im still having a proper birthday party for him next week wednesday!! We went to the beach for the morning which was nice, wasnt that hot here, went with friends that have a 2 1/2 year girl and a 6 month old girl wakelin and their eldest halle had fun playing in the water. got home at about 1 and had our families up for a bbq tonight - everyones left now and im supposed to be cleaning up but clints gone off to watch the fire works so i cant be bothered!!

Anyway i was going to reply to everyone separetly but now that iv typed all that i cant remember what everyone else said so ill attempt that next time smile
x sharelle
Just watching Sunrise and there is a Cyclone Dominic! LOL
How appropriate, I've got one of those at work too! One more day before school starts! Yippee!LOL
You girls are all down south WA aren't you?
Woo up! We are about to go off the first page!! Aaarrrgh! Don't worry, I'll save us!LOL
Well everyone seems to have run away..

Things here are going ok, i'm a bit tired cause Rebekah is a bit unwell at the moment she has a bit of a chesty cough and when she coughs it hurts her throat and she crys so she's a bit miserable.. She is all snotty as well poor thing. So we didn't get a lot of sleep last night, so they are at grandmas today giving mummy a bit of time to catch up on housework.. lol.. she will feed them and i'll go pick em up after dinner. smile

It's been pouring with rain here, and everything is very very wet.. And it looks like it's going to continue all weekend too.. have actually gone into target etc and brought the girls a pair of trackies and a jacket each so we can go out without freezing LOL.. can't wear shorts and t shirt all the time.

Well our news is that we are TTC no. 3 so we'll see what happens i've gone off the pill this week..

How are things going with you Shari? No pregnancy symptoms yet? Don't give up, sending you baby dust!!

Sharelle- Looks like Wakelin had a good first birthday by the photos on facebook.. amazing how fast the year goes hey.
Exciting news Monique!
I think I'll OV today or tomorrow so we are busily trying!LOL Were you on the pill before the girls? Did it take you long to fall? I'm wishing you luck and throwing baby dust back at ya!
Not much to report today, just had Gabe most of the day as Dom was at a kindergarten picnic with his mum before he starts school tomorrow. Gabe is so gorgeous! I could take him
Been discussing baby names with Chris this evening and he is being difficult! His suggestion was Chantelle! Ick! (Apologies to any Chantelles...) He also loves Samson, which I don't mind but Samson Sunter? It's a tongue twister!lol
Hope your little girl is feeling better soon Monique - at least you've had a bit of a brake though, sick kids wear you out! Congrats on the TTC news & good luck with it all! Sending lots of baby dust at you and shari!!
Lol about the names Shari, men are hopeless when it comes to name i reckon! Cant say im a fan of Chantelle and my friends have dog named Samson so that puts me off that one too...sorry!
Well wakelins been a grump all day as well! Think its his needles bothering him and also i think hes teething so hes really tired me and himself out today!
anyway thats about all for now! x x
[Edited on 28/01/2009]
Just a quickie for me again! Will be back to normal next week - just wanted to say how exciting Monique!! It must be weird tho saying TTC number 3 - and only have had 1 pregnancy!

If anyones around, check your inbox at FB...

see ya chicks!
me x x
Just a quick one from me too. I have a tonne of stuff to get done before work tomorrow and today was a write off. I saw Bride Wars with DH and really enjoyed it. It was so nice to have a break and have no kids around! I have been sorting kids toys into "themes" and putting them in crate to store under beds etc so our house looks semi de-cluttered! i have only got as far as tipping everything out on the floor so far and I still have folding, washing, vacuuming and mopping to do aaarrrggghhhh!!!!!!

CONGRATS MONIQUE on the TTC news. Good luck with the baby dancing smile Hope Rebekah feels better soon. It is so draining when they are sick. It's lovely to have your mum around to help out. BTW, if you are bored when you come to Perth I'd love to catch up for a playdate at the park etc. I know how hectic it gets though so no dramas if your schedule is full!

HI to everyone else. Promise I'll get back on later to do some personals. If I am not in labour by then LOL.... have had stop start contractions since yesterday morning and they are painful! I am thinking it has more to do with it being a 3rd pregnancy and stronger Braxton Hicks... but I haven't even got a hospital bag packed yet so I need to get my bum into gear!

TTYL xo Casey
Shari- Mmmmm..samson sunter is a bit much i think..

Casey- You probably should start getting your bag If not i'm sure hubby can just go fetch for you hehe.. lol. yeah wouldn't mind meeting up at a park or something.. sure we can find a bit of time.. not doing shopping this time as we always shop way to much in perth.. we are actually going to have fun and maybe go to the zoo or something. I would like to go to a playcentre thinggy but i don't know where they are.

I put my girls hair up today.. boy the difference it made!! They went from baby faces to little girl faces.. looked so grown up and i'm sure it made them more naughty!! LOL!

I've been thinking about baby names today... think we have some we like if it's a boy.. and me and DH actually agree.

Can't wait till we all start throwing names around, that'll be fun.

Hope all is well Casey. The sorting sounds good, I really need to do that at my place too! We bought wardrobes several months ago to get sorted and they are still mostly empty.. oops!

[Edited on 29/01/2009]
Hey jsut a quickie before i ring the doctor.. Had a very very bad night.. Rebekah was screaming from 10.30-2 and nothing would stop her!! I was just about at the end of my patience so i had to ring my mum and she came over to see if she could calm her down.. and within mum holding her for 10 mins Rebekah was asleep. So we put her to bed and she finally slept till 5.. so at least we had a bit of sleep, but might take her to the doctors just to check her..

Shari- Are you taking vitamin tablets since you TTC?
oh! Hope she's ok! Was it her who wasn't well yesterday? Sorry, didn't go back to check. Poor little girl.
Glad your Mum can help you out, does she live close?
Yep, I'm taking vitamins but I'm not very religious with it and I suspect it was them that made me feel queezy as I couldn't put it down to anything else...
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