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Hi Monique! Ive surrended to the computor cause DH is watching the cricket and tennis is on the other channel...boring! Pity about your camping trip! At least their are a few long weekends coming up, did you manage to find anything for easter?? We are hoping to spend Monday (wakelins birthday) at the beach then we have my family and clints family coming up for a BBQ at night. Then the following week (when school goes back) i am having a small birthday party at the park for him and his little friends smile should be fun!
Hi again! Been down the BMX track with DH and the girls and now they are sleeping soundly - although they went to bed without a bath so I'll have to wash them AND their sheets in the morning LOL...
Monique - I am near Joondalup (Clarkson). I actually work on Kings Park Rd and deal with PMH and other hospitals on a regular basis. PMH is really a great hospital so you'll have no dramas there. Let me know if you need anything!
Shelstar - I am so over this pregnancy. I am the size of a house and have such a sore tummy from it being stretched so tight. I was very nervous and excited first time around but now I am on to number 3 I sort of know what to expect LOL... Hope your pregnancy is going well and that you are getting organised fo your bubba's arrival! We don't know if we are having a boy or a girl and so far no names have been agreed upin. I reckon I might just pick a name and make DH sign the birth certificate at this stage LOL... Do you guys have anything picked?
Sorry there aren't too many personals. I am off to bed coz I have to work tomorrow 3pm til 11pm and have a tonne of housework to get done in the monrning!
Talk later xo
Hey Chickadees smile

Just popping in again to get my "fix" for today! hehehe

Hope everyone is having a great long weekend! (We have to make the most of it - I found out that they are no longer having a ANZAC Day Public Holiday!!! What the? 'ripped off' is all I can say...)

Hope all is well - My Terrible Two's Tornado Tyran has hit with full force the last week - he's wearing me out, chucks the most major tanties! I'm not sure if it's cause Gordon's mum is here, and he is not getting the usual attention or what. On the up side - we are TT and it seems to be going well, a few "accidents" tho - to be expected I spose!

Monique - just wanted to say that I felt the same when we started talking bout having another baby - Tyran seemed to grow up overnight for me! Does it freak you out that you may have another set of twins?

Well, sorry to the rest, no "personal" replies - jumping on and jumping off again!

Sytarnya x
Tinkerbells- Joondalup.. cool! I went to PMH when i was a kid but i didn't deal with much back then lol, it was mum who dealt with everything. I liked KEMH so i hope PMH is as good..

Sytarnya- No the thought of having twins again doesn't really scare me.. The chances of having another set of twins is very low.. so not terribly worried..although having another set wouldn't bother me i would like a single though so i can have a go at a natural birth..
Hey ladies.. everyone must be having a good weekend it's pretty quiet here..
Today is HOT 43 degrees and still climbing so we are all stuck inside with the fans going.. girls are melting and i am melting lol.. So i hope it cools down soon meant to be thunderstorms all week so it'll probably be one of those muggy nights too.
it has been very quiet!

Sharelle, hope Wakelin is having a great birthday! did u guys make it to the beach today? what pressies did he get? look out when he turns 18, Australia Day + birthday = huge party!

Monique, ahh i know how u feel! dont think its as hot here as it is there but im so over it!

im so bored today! Ross is tired and grumpy and i am craving a glass of wine or a beer. oh well only 8 more weeks (hopefully!).

im off for a nanna nap, hope everyone is having a great long weekend (sorry Anna!) Shelley smile

LMAO! Yeah, sorry Anna!LOL

Well, camping was cool. Apparently, Saturday was mid 40's at my place too but it didn't reach forster. I was concerned Millicent would die of heat exhaustion stuck inside at home! She didn't, thank goodness!
There were several nudie runs going on last night around our campfire and others so it was absolutely hilarious! We went fishing yesterday and caught 33 fish. I'm not a fisherman but I borrowed a line and did two casts and caught a fish! One was enough for me, I didn't like sticking a hook in the poor thing's mouth sad
We all bought snorkelling gear and did some of that. Now we have decided we should do it more often at home.

Monique - I'm sure it is rare but I have a friend with two sets of twins (no IVF). She has boys (one with special needs) and then a girl/boy set. At one stage she had 4 kids in nappies but she only had two pregnancies and got four kids so she was pleased with that.

Sytarnya - Has the cyclone subsided? I wish I could meet everyones kids, I feel like I know them!

Hope you all had an awesome day! First birthdays are so special!

I hope it cools down a bit for the pregnant girls!

Hopefully, we'll get our photos in the next couple of days so be on the lookout!LOL


Shari- two sets of fraternal twins are not rare at all.. i know at least 3/4 people with 2 sets of twins.. one lady even had 2 sets of twins in 1 year so 4 kids under 1. But 2 sets of identical twins is rare.

Little bit cooler here, we went out to deliver leaflets got halfway round and it started pouring with rain and thundering and lightning so it could be a wild night tonight.

I have a pretty bad headache from the heat and i'm feeling pretty yucky.. sad But hopefully it'll cool down a lot soon.. outside it's beautiful with a cool breeze since it's raining but it's just hard getting the cool breeze inside.
ah-huh, so are you more likely to have twins if you already have some? Are the chances higher in some people or is it random? They are supposed to run in families aren't they?
I guess if you have twins you meet more twins iykwim. Those two sets (and now yours) are the only twins I know. I did have great uncle twins but one died shortly after birth so I only knew one.
Wow! 4 under 1! It'd be like daycare!LOL
I used to do pamphlets when I was younger, I hated it with a passion! I don't mind the walking but when you had to fold them up that was awful! I hope you feel better soon. I'm off to bed, didn't get much sleep last night...
we have a new "normal name" ambassador - check out the new thread... here we go again! smile
Hi Everyone! It is muggy here and I am over it. I have been working the afternoon shift at work all weekend and it has been so busy. I'm so tired today coz I didn't get home til 1.30am and have pretty much done nothing but lay on the couch all day. My hands and feet are so swollen I had to take my wedding rings off and I can't feel my feet properly. YUK! DH is working at the Skyshow tonight and I don't envy him at all... hope there isn't too much trouble down there with drunken yobbos!

Sharelle - HAPPY BIRTHDAY WAKELIN. Hope he loves his cake and you get some good pics of his messy cake face. They are the best shots!

Shari - when are the wedding dress pics going on FB?! I am dying to see them. The camping trip sounds awesome - I am not game enough to go with 2 littlies and heavily preggers LOL.. we used to go a lot when we lived in Broome and had a great time. DH and I have snorkelling gear too and love going but again it is hard with littlies!

Sytarnya - the terrible twos are fun aren't they?! Just when I think Miss Indi can't get any worse she steps it up a notch or two! She is way too smart for a 2 yr old... well.. maybe she just outsmarts me and that is embarrassing LOL... I used to find time out and witholding toys really useful but a few times I have had to smack her on the bum - which I swore I'd never do sad She just knows how to press my buttons. Hope he settles down for you soon anyways smile

Monique - I have heard that fraternal twins run in families whereas identical twins are a fluke so to speak. There are twins in both sides of my family so DH and I were worried about this when we were TTC DD#1. I am not sure if my dad's sisters are identical or not and same with my mum's nieces. My older sister fell preggers with twins a few years ago but unfortunately she lost them at 12 weeks. I would have loved twins but DH was more than a little concerned LOL!

Shelstar - not long to go for us now hey? I am excited to find out if we are having a boy or a girl but otherwise I am dreading the late night feeds again LOL... have you sorted out the babies room and packed a bag for hospital? I am almost done on the babies room thanks to a nesting surge last week but no bags packed yet!

Sorry if I missed anyone. Just hopping on to look at names AGAIN... DH has said no to Vegas for a boy or a girl so back to the drawing board! better go get the kids off to bed! Might pop on later otherwise it wont be til Wednesday when I get my next day off. Night all xo
Yeah fraternal twins are meant to run in the family... BUT i dont' always believe that.. i know people who have twins who don't have any in their family, and i know people who have heaps in their family but don't have any so yeah i think you're just lucky...
Identical twins are just a fluke though.

Hope you find a name soon two tinkerbells... and not long to go for you yay!!

The max temperature here today was 45 yay NOT.. lol.. we were the hottest in the state.
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