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Middle Names Lock Rss

We like the following names, Cambell or Harris for a boy and Gracie or Bella for a girl, but I am stuck for middle names. Our surname is Deacon.
Any ideas?

Shaz, WA, 24/7/06

We used both the grandfathers names for the middle name. There is nothing saying you have to stick to one! Our boy is Devon Peter Christopher Jones.
How about....
Cambell James
Harris Patrick
Gracie Imogen
Bella Rose

Good luck!!

Bianca, mum to Devon 30/03/05 No 2 due Oct 24!

Once it was traditional to use the mum's surname as the middle name.
Those names are a bit of a challenge but what about these?

Gracie Eve, Gracie Eva, Gracie Hope.
Bella Grace, Bella Hope.
Cambell Lewis, Cambell Harrison.
Harris Mitchell.

Sorry, can't think of any more! Hope they help!
It is hard to find something that goes & that you like so good luck ...
It does depend on your surname too.
How about using a family middle name (like your or your partner's middle name or you or your partner's siblings names)?
I like Harris William, Harris James, Cambell Spencer, Campbell Myles, Gracie Claire, Bella Grace, Bella Ruby, Bella Amelia.
Let us know what you like so far & how you go!

Cass, DD03/06, TTC#2

Cambell Peter
Cambell William
Harris James
Harris Luke
Gracie Eve
Gracie Lisbeth
Bella Jade
Bella Maree
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