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Baby Boy due in 4.5 weeks!! Lock Rss

OK, so this is our third baby, our second boy..

Our others are Liam Scott and Bethany Shay.

What do you think of:



Middle name, maybe Lucas.

Any suggestions of names that will go with our other two would be much appreciated.

Can't believe we have still not decided on a name.

Hayley, NSW, Liam 07/02, Beth 09/04, Nate 03/06

Hi Haley

I love both Nate and Blake !...they are really nice and both go with the names of your other children.
I don't think you can go wrong with either one of those smile I guess if i had to choose one i prefer Blake...

Good luck !
Hi Haley,

I am expected my3rd baby on 25/3 and also my 3rd boy. I am having real trouble thinking of a name.

My other boys are Shaun 7yrs and Alec 5.5yrs. We were thinking of Jye, but not sure of the spelling........... Ji, Jy, Jye.

I think Nate is a nice name.

Good luck.


Donna, Melbourne

Hi have to say I like both nate and blake. I am due in June and we are calling our son blake, so guess I am biased! Sorry, don't have any other suggestions.
Hello Hales

My fave out of the two names you have picked is Blake. Blake is a fave of mine too!

If you're still after some other names how about

Jake or Jacob

or how about even
these would also go nicely with your other children's names

It's always hard settling on a name, good luck with it all.
My son who is now 3 is called Blake William and we havent come acroos many others his age with the name. My husband liked it because of Blake 7.
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