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I'm a name numerologist and I truly believe that the names you choose for your child contributes to his or her destiny. I guess if it wasn't for this love of names and numbers, my children would have had simpler names. At least by the time I got to my 3rd one, I chose a name that was easier to spell.
1) Skaie Tifanie Klayre (pronounced Sky Tiffany Claire)
2) Alyxanthe Lauren (Ally Zanthie)
3) Logan Ambroze-Brad

Love the name you chose for a girl. She will be very inquisitive and will want the question 'why' answered a lot! SHe will also be a homebody, loving everything to do with family.

If the baby is a boy, then your Harrison Bailey Hind will want to be a major palyer in the corporate world, but will be generous by nature and will retreat into nature to relax from the stresses of the material world.

Here's hoping you get the easiest and smoothest run this time around!

Mum 2 Skaie, Alyxanthe & Logan

I'm sorry to hear about your little girl going to heaven.

The names i like are
Boys: Issac Tyson, Hayden Ace, Griffen Thor

Girls: Sasha Taryn (my little girls name), Fiona Bree, Tiffany Diamond (hubbys idea).

They are my ideas, good luck choosing.
Melissa and sasha (6months)

WA Sasha 6/1/04

Hi Belinda,

A friend of mine has a niece named Allirah, it's unusual but I can't get it out of my head. I loved choosing names but choosing one both you & your partner agree on isn't always easy.

I took my bag to hospital with our list of names & we could only narrow it down to 13 names!

Eden is a nice girl name as well.

Good Luck

Kylie, NSW mum to Jamie 9/2/04 + Grace 1/2/07

We had Christian picked out, as it was the only boy's name we could agree on. We didn't know what sex our baby was, but we never even considered girl's names. But, when he came out, we discovered that he did not "look" like a Christian, so then and there, we decided he "looked" like a Kennit. So that's what we called him. Kennit, out of a book that we had both read and loved. Kennit is the king of the Pirates. (We later found out it is actually an old Scottish name).

Shell, 21yrs, Brisbane

Hello Jordy,
I love the name Mia that's beautiful, we have chosen Ellie Sienna for girl and Harrison Bailey for boy, having 20 week scan on 28th July so I'm wanting to find out once and forall, thanks everyone for your replys.

BelindaQld, 4 children (1 in heaven)

i am out of boys names but do like aaron. aiden & for a girl, cassidy . lily. lana

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

Hi there i chose my daughters name faith when i was about a month pregnent with her i had faith for a girl and jack for a boy.
I did have a list but new what i would call her . i think you should stick with the first name you chose because then when its time to name the baby you will not know what to call him/her.

My secound child is called william and i really like that name i call him willie for short an d so does my husband and daughter my grandparents and many people think that is terriable and keep suggesting i call him will or bill still and he is 5 months.

I really also like the names rose,lily,emma
and harry,jack,zac.

i think names within the family are also nice.


Hi Everyone,

Unless you have a name picked out for certain, I think you should have a short list.

I know we could never decide on a boys name, but we cut it down, and i told my hubby i will decide when he is born.

That is exackly the way it happened, my husband, upon agreement, will alway let me choose the childrens names. He reakons we go thru enough with pregnancy and labor, that we at least deserve the name decision!!

Take everyone,


DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m

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