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need a girls pretty name Lock Rss

HI Lisa, I think some 'classic' girls names are really pretty.

EMILY is my favourite. Even though it is common, there are a lot of unusual names around now, so 'classic' can become the new unusual!

I also love 'EMMA' but it kind of ryhmes with Jenna, maybe a little too close. I also think that KAYLA is very, very pretty.

Good luck xox

YM04, DS Sept 04 & Baby girl Nov 06

My Sister recently named her new bub Breeanna, its a lovely name, my girls name choices are Hannah or Zoe. Hope this can be of some help.
the names i have picked are Georgina Rose for a girl or Tyson William for a boy. i think Georgina is such a pretty and classic name, it is also the name of my partners late grandmother.

W.A baby boy Brett William 15/7/06

my niece is called aaliyah we prenonce it (a lee yah) but when other people see her name they sometimes say (arli yah) which her mum hates my partner likes zoe, egypy , zara , kristy and ciara hope u find 1 soon gd luck

MUM TO RJ 28 10 03 & EJ 23 07 06

I think the names 'Alexis' (to be called Lexy), Indira and Imogen are gorgeous & go well with your stepdaughters' names. Also, Ruby, Carys (to be called Carrie) are nice too.
There are so many gorgeous girls names. I found out i'm having a girl and am thinking about 'Amelia Claire', if it does turn out to be a boy (v.small chance though) i'd be stuck for names.

Cass, DD03/06, TTC#2

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