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Would like Opinions Please!!! Lock Rss

Would like some opinions on the names we have picked out for our baby girl due in November.

Last time we told family our choice of names but not the sex and well.....everybody had an idea of which one they liked or DIDN"T like. So this time we have told them it's a girl if they wanted to know but definitly no names ( couldn't go through that again!!!!)

We have so far...

Molly Zara


Amber Zara


Molly Amber

Our first little girl is named Gemma so I'm not sure if we should use Amber because of the gemstone theme.


Mum to Three!!!!!

they are all soo pretty....
my favourite is molly zara,

hope you can decide...your doing better than me!!

good luck!
great names but i like
molly amber
but i like to b diff
i'm 22 weeks and cant think of a name 4 the life of me but my sons name is brock

Rebbecca mother of 1 and due on 17 jan

i love the name amber, it always reminds me of someone really beautiful. so my choice is amber, i also think its modern and suits a baby or adult. have u considered zara as a first name i think that is really pretty too. im not a big fan of the molly name though.. good luck

24 year old mum to 2 beautiful girls

Amber for the first name as (to me) it is suited for both kids and adults, Molly (to me) suited towards kids. (my personal opinion only) and as a soon to be school teacher I think of names from the playground point of view (cruel times in kids lives).

I know what your going through as I go to hospital to have my baby tomorrow and am stuck on three names as well - Adrian, Brendan and Cameron.

Good luck

Darlene, Qld one angel one tornado

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