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Baby Names


Do you like the name Saraya?

I originally loved the name Sarah, but not everyone in my family loved it so I came up with a lis...

16 replies

It's not very common, so I think it's appealing. I like that name.


What are your children’s names?

Hi ladies, Looking for inspiration for baby #4 and wanting to hear what you have named your chil...

6 replies

Really amazing here. I love it <a />Who is the owner of </a> <a />sitemap</a> <a />blog for you <...


What are your children’s names?

Hi ladies, Looking for inspiration for baby #4 and wanting to hear what you have named your chil...

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Merry Christmas from World Center of Baby team!

World Center of Baby team wishes a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family. May...

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Help!!! Need a name for our 1 week old????

Hi, I'm hoping I can get a bit of inspiration for a name for our new daughter???? She'...

21 replies

Adele: This name has a particular charm to it. It means “noble”. The word L in Adele makes it a touch stylish. Alexis: The name o...


Baby name scoring algorithm - new website

We have just launched, a website that uses algorithms to see what names you then and...

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Laker, Chase, Flynn - help with boys names please!

Hi I desperately need help with names. Our top three are: 1) Laker 2) Chase 3) Flynn What are you...

5 replies

Nice to see this post here and thanks for that. Get the details of best apps here. yipcreations


Changing my baby’s name? please help x

Hi mums and dads. I have a 7 month old named Coco, and I really don’t like her name. I literally ...

5 replies

choose a better name. |


Girl name

Bub is due in 8 weeks a little girl. I love Teddie as a name for a girl stuck on middle names My...

1 reply

All those names are cute and I like the way if you want their meaning, this website has a search name engine with meaning and...


Annalisa - how would you spell it?

How would you spell the name that is pronounced anna-lee-sa (s like in sun)? Have just heard it b...

3 replies



Baby Girl Name

Thoughts on the name Romy for baby girl?

2 replies

I like it


Quads makes 9!

Hi there! We are expecting quads in August...and we already have 5 blessings. Gender is unknown....

1 reply

How did you go naming them?



I love the project free steam code

2 replies

I like the post and nice to see this here. Look this for more about online surveys.

Children writing their names....

I have noticed a few comments of late that mention names being "easy" for children to spell when ...

19 replies

Children are not very good at study at the beginning but you can make them with the help of some advice from https://www.aresearchgu...


Easily Find Cute Baby Girl Names!

We would like to announce that we are proud to be part of that organization whose responsibility...

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Isla, Ella or Ava

Hi all, just wondering if we could get some name advice? I don't like asking friends and fam...

8 replies

Congratulations, i think Isla Sound better also i found its name very cool as MyGirlyNames Website mentioned it here


I'm looking for baby names

After a few months it looks like I'm finally pregnant! It's too early to get to know it...

2 replies

Congratulation for that is a list for baby girl names


Baby Boy Name

Hi everyone, hubby & I pretty much decided on the name for our little boy, due in November, e...

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what do you think of the name kaos?

My partner and I are expecting a boy..just wondering what anyone thinks of the name Kaos for a bo...

55 replies

i know this is old and all the people dislike it but the only people ever teased in school about their names that i know of or seen ...


Sebastian or Jasper

Hi, I’m due in a week and my husband and I still can’t decide on our baby boy’s name. We are toss...

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Can only think of one name?

I'm 30 weeks, expecting a boy, and can still only come up with one name that my husband like...

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hey just looking for different my babies father is aboriginal first DS has his name an...

7 replies

Hey I know this is a few months old but I have some boy names and meanings. Maliyan - wedge tailed eagle Djarlo - fire Merekai - pe...


defferent spellings of Lincoln??

do u reckon i could spell it Llincoln? or wont it work?lol do u hav ne suggestions of diff ways i...

17 replies

Lloyd has two ll's because it's a Welsh name derived from the adjective llwyd meaning grey. Is Welsh "ll" is a s...


HELP! Baby girl name Piper or Coco

Can’t decided between these two names! We named our four week old Coco (not short for anything), ...

4 replies

She does, it’s Coco Theodora. I hate to say it but her name just doesn’t sit right with me still I feel like people judge me when I...


Help! Struggling to narrow down our last 4 baby girl names :)

Hello Huggies crew! We are looking for some opinions on our top 4 name choices for our baby girl...

3 replies

Penelope is super cute!


Pronouncing Names

Me and my husband both like the name Kera pronounced kEHra like with the E as Eh like in Jenn, no...

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Ezekiel or Ezra?

Hi everyone, We are expecting a baby boy in March next year. we are tossing up between Ezekiel a...

5 replies

I love the name Ezra, it is my favorite and I want my future son to be Ezra but hubby isn't so impressed with it. I don't ...


Name suggestions

My wife and I are expecting our 4th child in October! We already have a Heavyn Neveah, Skyler Bry...

1 reply

I like different names too. I think the name is nice but honestly the spelling is terrible. Different name, correct spelling or trad...


Enid or Elira......cant decide

Having trouble deciding on a girls name. Enid Marlowe or Elira Grace Opinions please

2 replies

Enid is lovely. Classix


Traditional but less common boy names that end in y or ie

Hi all, I like traditional names but hubby doesn't so his list includes Hunter and Carter an...

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Top 3 feedback

Hi guys, I'm 6 months pregnant with our first, a girl. Just looking for general feedback on ...

1 reply

Hello, Gabrielle! I think that Macy Marguerite sounds great. It's a good choice.


Audrey Mae or Hannah Rose

Hello everyone! I'm new one here. I am expecting my 6th and last child! It's a girl and...

2 replies

Hannah Rose &lt;3


The HUGE name dilema!

My partner and I are on completely different wave lengths when it comes to naming our little girl...

2 replies

We narrowed it down to two names and the ran a facebook poll to vote. Lol


Middle names for Madison?

Hubby and I have decided on Madison for our baby girl. I would love help on which out of these ...

1 reply

Madison Hendrix Rain is my favorite out of your list. Here are some suggestions I came up with... Madison Layla Faye Madison Amara ...


Husband changed mind ????

So we are 2 weeks out and we had decided on a name and hubby even said to get wooden name made up...

1 reply

What is the name? Are you open to changing it? Maybe look for names similar but different.


The Royals have ruined my baby names!

Hi, I have a one year old named Meg and am expecting another baby. The other girl name I have cho...

1 reply

I’m guessing you like short names so here are a list of cute ones! Blair Ava Cora Eve Lark Liv Rain Reece Reeve Vera Zoe


2nd daughter

Hi. Looking for some help with a girls name to go with Patricia as a middle name. Was thinking so...

1 reply

Mallory Patricia Marlow Patricia Hailey Patricia Melanie Patricia Emmeline Patricia Daphne Patricia Maisie Patricia Hadley Pat...

Old names from our huggies grandparents thread- looking for older names?

Frank/Franc Steven Harry Fredrick/Fred Peter Leonard/Leo Ronald Herbert/Hubert James Jack Thomas ...

6 replies

Why are u telling what these names are old?


Create a unique name

Hello everyone, I've been working on a website to help expectant moms create new names, htt...

1 reply

I made some big improvements to site, Now, you can favorite a name you like (by clicking the heart). The ...


Pronunciation of my sons name

Wanted opinions to see how people would pronounce the name Leland?

2 replies

That's how I would pronounce it also. How did you choose that name?