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Advice for expecting mums Lock Rss

I just thought I wanted to say to expecting mothers do not go out and buy hundreds of dollars worth of newborn clothing for your baby, I literally spent like over $500 throughout my pregnancy on sizes 0000 and 000 and "tiny baby" and "newborn" clothing and suits, my son is only 5 weeks and 6 days old and he already is in 00! I've got newborn clothing up to my ears most with tags on brand new, and he never wore half of it! And I've no idea what to do with it all, and I spent so much money on it not realising he would grow so quick! Although he is a big boy for his age, he is over 5kgs already. The newborn nappies won't even fit him anymore lol
So just a word of advice, don't spend too much on newborn clothes, as they'll probly never even wear them and be looking to put them in storage or give them away.

If you left the tags on many baby stores will let you return them for in store credit. They usually won't refund without a receipt but often you'll get a credit for its current value (ie if you bought it at full price but its now on sale you'll only get the sale amount credited). My son also was in 00 by six weeks and 0 by 3 months and we had way too many small clothes.
Also if you have bag or boxes of nappies usually Woolies or Big W will exchange them for the next size up even without the receipt.

Totally agree you only need about 6 outfits for when baby is born then you just buy as you need.

Agree! Also, there is no need to buy brand new or really expensive, the baby does not care! All they care about is eating, sleeping, pooping and being comfortable. I am on baby #3 (DS is 16 and DD is 13) and both my partner and I agree that this child is going to be so deprived of 'stuff' but because we won't overload it, it won't even know it lol I recently purchased 5 sets of 0000 then 5 sets in 000 as I know how fast they grow. My DD was 9lb 5oz so she never got into any of her 0000 outfits. Also, this bub is going to be a summer baby so will live in nappies and singlets....or in the nuddie. Save the money, buy minimal while they are young and they A) learn to appreciate the stuff they have and B ) You can save it for when they are older and everything is more expensive (school etc). Now that I am pregnant again all I keep thinking about it those conversations I have had with other mums about what we would do different and I now can do all those sage pieces of advice...and buying LOTS of teeny tiny items is one thing I will NOT you have to wash and hang them all smile
Yes it's definatly somthing all new or expecting mums should be aware of! It's just a waste of money in the end. I would try to return the clothes but I have no receipts anymore, should've thought about that more carefully too lol, but oh well, if there's anyone in need of newborn clothes I would be happy to mail them out (not all at once btw coz there's boxes full and it would cost me a fortune!) There all boys/unisex clothing. Sizes 0000 and 000. Or if there's anyone who lives near me they can picked up.

Great advice!
I'm not planning to buy too much, this will be the first grandchild on both sides of the family so I'm thinking that our families will probably buy a lot.
I'm a mad op-shopper as well, so I'm likely to go there to buy as much as I can and just give it all a wash, most baby clothes there have little to no damage because bub grows out them them so quick!
That's true, my mum buys lots of stuff from salvos and vinnies too, most of the clothes are new and in great condition, but yes a new born hardly needs any clothes, except if they are very spewy babies like mine was! I was changing his clothes all the time because they got so wet and smelly with spew lol
But bibs are a must, buy lots of bibs, that's one thing you can never have too much of!

When I was pregnant I found some interesting topics online which were very helpful as I was pretty scared and I had absolutely no idea what is coming towards me.
Should I breast feed or not, what kind of diapers shall I use, pacifier yes or no…those were only a few questions I had. Now, when I look back, some of the questions seem a little bit silly, but I still catch myself looking and browsing through websites like this one and searching for interesting and useful articles.
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