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Hi smile

I'm expecting baby number 2 in January. For my first baby I had the peanut shell but didn't feel confident using it as I always felt like she would fall out. I always had one hand on my baby when carrying her.

Any recommendations on a carrier that can be used from birth that are more secure and frees me up to use both hands at the same time?


I used the Ergo Carrier. It was fantastic. I have a bad back and I had no issues with it. I used it when I had the twins. I used it even when they were 18 months old and carried one around London almost all day with no issues. They also loved it.

Good luck.

I am due in january and was wondering the exact same thing, I almost brought a peanutshell sling BUT I joined a baby wearing group on facebook and I am so glad I did. I asked about the peanut shell and the ladies informed me that those slings actually are not the best and promote the chin on chest thing with baby which can be dangerous. It is a New Zealand based group I THINK but join anyway its worth it! I am now saving for a Hana wrap to use with our bub after looking into soooo many carriers. With DD1 I used an elite front pack, which was ok but was easiest when she was about 3-5 months and then she just looked uncomfortable when she got bigger so I stopped using it. This time I've been given a natures sway sling to try out as well but I'm still going to get the wrap, as it can be used from birth-even for a preemie up until 12.5 kgs and there is more than one way to carry/wear baby smile
Hope this has helped!
I too used the Ergo and liked it. It provides heaps of back support so I was able to actually get on with house work during the day whilst wearing dd. She slept in it lots so much have liked it too! All carriers take a bit of practice getting on but YouTube always have help hints.

You can definitely satisfy while using the baby wrap carriers. It will be easier to use for carrying your baby and do your works. At online you have a fabulous collection of baby wrap carriers.
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Baby carriers is the most important thing now days for the parent and the baby. We can do all the works and move for shopping by carrying the baby with a perfect sling. Different types of slings available in online.

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I have used a tula, a stretchy, a hybrid stretchy, various woven wraps, a beco soleil, a lenny lamb ssc, three types of ring sling, a pognae and an ergo. What do you want to know? tongue
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