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Pram help needed!!!!! Lock Rss

Im in need of a new pram for my 18 mth old and newborn in 6 wks. I have had too many prams to mention and my husband is over it smile
I had a Phil & Ted Sport which I wasn't fussed on with the baby underneath and the zips and clips to adjust it. I have been looking into it and convinced my husband I needed a travel system pram which is why I sold the P&T. I brought a Strider Plus capsule and put a Plus 4 on layby (without seeing it as there is no baby shop close). Lately I have also heard good things about the Baby Jogger City Select. So today I did the drive to the baby shop with the intention of getting my new pram. The sales lady couldn't have been anymore clueless and unhelpful if she tried. I was trying to explain to her how the prams worked ( reading instructions of my phone) After an hour she decided to go to lunch and just left me there : -/ So needless to say I left with no pram and less of an idea which way to go.

I have decided the Strider is way to big and heavy (I kind of just tried to figure out how to collapse it, with the lady just watching saying 'well it should just fold up- hmm I'm not sure").. Talk about a waste of a couple of hours.
I'm even considering going and buying another Phil & Teds( I'm sure it would almost be grounds for divorce haha).

Any suggestions on a good pram that can be a single or a double, able to get through shopping checkouts, inst to heavy and preferable where either the toddler or infant is hidden away (as such). Big ask I know : )
Sorry to hear your experience at the baby shop was pointless, although there are so many prams around these days staff should know how to collapse them.

I would suggest either the city select or the bugaboo donkey, they are not the cheapest on the market but very convenient for putting the kids in and out of a pram. If you conduct a product review on the prams you could get an honest opinion about them. Definitely agree any strider is just too wide for the aisles.

Good luck pram shopping, its not fun!
I have a mountain buggy + one, it is working well for us at the moment, I have an almost 20 mth old and a week old baby, in it. Though could also put the 4 year old in it and have bubs in front pack as each seat takes up to 20kg. It is a little bulky, but really not much larger then the push chair we had as part of the travel system.

I have a strider dlx, it's a single pram. It's a good sturdy pram but the wheels are wider then most.
I also have a baby jogger city mini which is great, it's a lot lighter then the strider and very easy to fold. I just bought a glider board for the back so my 2year old can stand at the back and my newborn in the seat.

Once you know what pram you want have a look at I bought my baby jogger from there and it was less then half the price then what I would have paid at a shop here and that included a couple of accessories and postage.
Well, I ended up getting the P & T Explorer. Better the devil you know : ) What annoyed me with the previous model has been fixed with this one. Fingers crossed im happy with it : )

I was looking into the bugaboo donkey and almost bought it the other day until i saw the mountain buggy duet.

Its half the price of the donkey and the seats hold more weight as well. At the moment I have a 5 year old and a just turned 2 year old and we do a lot of walking for fitness. So I really need two seats for when miss 5 year old is tired. But also ttc baby #3 so will need a pram thats great for outdoors and can hold 2 seats, 1 seat and capsule or just 1 seat when I'm out with only one child. Really liked the shopping basket clip on of the duet as well (same as bugaboo). I just don't know anyone that has used the MB Duet.

Pram shopping is so hard

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