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High Chairs Lock Rss

Ive gone through a few high chairs with my son now hes just in a booster seat one.
I wanna get one for my DD can anyone suggest one they are actually happy with.
My first one was one i spent $300 on and it was Crap!
Easily stained, hard to clean, very bulky and heavy.
Ive seen a fisher price one that has plastic covered straps which i think is a great idea cos the straps seem to get dirty quickly.
i realy like the ikea one... i think its called antilop, and only around $40 all plastic simple and basic smile
The antilop is amazing! And cheap. It is also the kind used at a lot of restaurants and cafes so I found DD was always happy to sit in them when we went out since they were the same as her chair at home.

They're also easy to transport, just pop the legs off and chuck in the boot (my parents live a fair way from us and it didn't make sense to buy a 2nd chair)
Have to agree the Ikea chair has by far been my best purchase! grin
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