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Smoking Rss

I was just wondering if any other partners/husbands out there still continue to smoke after having children, and Im not talking about the cigarette version. I honestly thought my DH would grow up and grow out of it.
Hi handsomecam,

Unfortunatley I do know of a few people who have "smoked" through their pregnancy's, and so far luckily their bubs seem to be ok. I think it is very wrong, and that their children may come to have troubles keeping up with learning ect...

If Dh still wants to do it, tell him not in the house or around you and bubs. I have seen the mood swings and attitude problems this stuff causes, and think it shouldn't be shown around kids.

He may grow out of it, but from the people I know, I can see they will never change.

Good Luck I hope this helps a little.

Little miss cranky pants : S

My partner had done it since he was 15, he started giving up just as we got together. It was very hard for him, but he made a decision to quit and he followed it through.

unfortunantly it's not something they grow out of, as all his friends, some with children haven't given up... I dont know how you could edge him to quit.

i kind of pushed him in that direction... pushed him away from his closest friends who were smoking all the time so he wouldnt be tempted. His best friend came onto me, so I guess it was a bit easier for him to distance himself from that guy.

I dont think altamatums work... I think you have to make him realise its wrong... get a fact page about how it affects children, tell him it could be the life and death of your child. maybe that will wake him up... try and get rid of the opportunity for him to do it...

Guys with the addiction... its so hard to break when they have been doing it for so long!!!


When I found out that I was pregnant I give everything up like smoking and drinking cause I wanted my child to be healthy and give them the best start while they were still in the womb and my partner did give up when we found out but couple of months before our daughter was bron he was smoking again but he didnt do it around me when I was pregnant and even after our daughter was born he has never smoke around her and he has just give smoking up and we will see how long he lasts.

Tracey,Jaye (girl)12/06/05, Sam (boy)10/07/09

hi yes i know just what u are talking about my partner still smokes to i never let him do it in the house or near the kid's. i hate it it make's him in to a monster if he has to go one day with out it all of us know about it and when he has got it he is so false. I have made him give it up but he just go's behind my back and lies about it. so i honestly don't think they do grow up or out of it. It is a selfish habit and it take's over your life , and the person that u think u love and know is not that person at all , take it from me i'v been there 4 10 very long and hard years. peta

mummy 4 joshie loc mol mag Char Tess

Hi, yes im going through the same thing. I have a 4yr old that not his and 30wks preg with his. I have even told him that i will leave him if he doesnt stop (didnt work). So now i have told him that once the baby is born and if i find any here i will dob him in myself as i will not risk my kids!! its like talkin to a brickwall. Hope you work it out!! Martee:)

DS jaedyn 4, EDD 18/08/07
Hi, my partner is a smoker. He has been from the day I met him. If I had my way, he would have given up a long time ago, but he is also a pretty heavy drinker, which can make him aggressive and VERY impatient. If I had to choose between the smoke and the alcohol, I would choose the smoke, (which he does outside) cause at least he's calm and I can trust him with our 4 week old boy.

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Hey ppl,

I was a smoker before I found out if pregnant and did my promise to my hubby in giving them up when I feel pregnant. DH doesnt smoke, which made it eaiser for me to give them up and majority of my mates dont smoke.

I do know ppl who have smoked throughout their pregnancy and kids are ok, but they smoke outside. I have no problem with ppl smoking as long as its outside and the end of the day it their choice, with all Anti-smoking Laws coming about, smoking will be just made harder anyways to light up one in public places and they will eventually give up cos they cannot be bothered walking 10 miles to have a smoke.

But end of they day for Mum's wanting their DH to quit or vice versa. All you can really tell them your concerns (if you havent had major blues over the smoking issue, cos that just fuels it) about their health in the long run and the relationship btw Dad/Mum and child. Even asking them if they could smoke outside usually is no problem anyways since its a common place these days.

But if they decide that they will give quiting a go, and support them 100%, no doubt their will be moments when they pick it up again but that is usually normal, keep supporting them and ask them to be honest. Nicoten is additive.

No one is perfect...took me about 5 goes before falling pregnant which was the real modivation! Amazing what the mind does when it is determined lol!

Prolly blabbed enough and I hope I made some sense wink


heya everyone

I admit to smoking once or twice in high school and almost starting to do it after that but found out that i was pregnant so the thought hasnt really entered into my mind since.

My partner on the otherhand was quiet a bad smoker in high school but ive noticed since i was pregnant with my son, even befor i was seeing him, he cut down so much. Now its so rare for me to even see him smoke just show the amount of respect he has for my son. On the other 'smoking' issue im pretty sure he has occasionally but its so few and far between that i never hear about it and is never done anywhere around us.

My boyfriend was trying to quit but didnt really quit till i had my baby but through out my pregnancy i only stay in my room because him his mum his dad all smoked in the house and i didnt want to breathe it in and even after his born they still smoked in the garage and the leaves the door open which frustrates me alot cos the midwive told me if you are to let a smoker hold your baby make sure they change their clothes..cos the baby can breath it in...

they frustrates me so much last sat i moved back to my mums place.. if they cant be responsible i will have to
[Edited on 11/09/2007]

I am currently going through this with my DP. He gave up earlier in the year for a good few months - his decision to do so - I supported him 100 percent and it was not easy - he was a total jerk for months - agro, rude, arrogant etc etc

Now he has recently started again - It depresses me to no end - I feel cheated of the earlier months - feel like it was a miserable waste of time - he thinks I am just over reacting - not to mention I was pregnant at the time.

It is a selfish habit and you are right. I feel like he is either in a false happiness because he has smoked or is a miserable jerk because he doesnt have any. The cost is ridiculous as well - I wish I had that same amt of money to spend on myself!!!

Thanks - that was a good little vent
I understand what you mean, before i was pregnant my partner and i lived in a small country town where he had got into a bit of trouble with his group of friends. They were all "smokers". My boyfriend asked me if i had ever thought about moving away with him,i said the only way was if he gave up "smoking", he agreed and we moved to the coast a couple of hours away. From the day we moved he quit "smoking" and what is really good is even when we went back to where we used to live (where all our family lives) then he still didnt because he distanced himself from most of his old bad boy friends. The only thing with my partner is that his older brother is a very big "smoker" and he is also a very jealous person. He cant stand the fact that my partner is doing so well for himself now with a really great job, a great gf (lol, me) and we are expecting our first child and he tries to offer my partner "smokes" all the time. He has no morals. He has a 5 yr old daughter that he doesnt look after and he is not with the mother. He has no purpose in life and i think of him as a no hoper. He is currently wanted by the police and my bf hates that he cant help him. The good thing is that he always tells me when he gets offered "smokes" and is really proud of himself for not doing it anymore. It has been nearly two years and for the first two months for him was hard, i put up with crankiness and mood swings and withdrawals, but after that it has been great. He feels a lot more active now and is so glad he gave up. But if your man cant give up for your child then he isnt going to give up. My bf just needed a little push, but noone will give up unless they want too. And if your child together does not make him want to clean up his act, then nothing will, and that is exactly what my bf's brother was like. Wouldnt even give up for his own child. And what is even worse is she knows what it is and gets him his bowl and scissors to chop up in when she stays with him.

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