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Baby missing Dad? Rss

My little girl is 2 and a half weeks old and is normally settled and sleeps well during the day..
Her Dad went on a business trip Tuesday night and ever since she has been unsettled.. Waking up all the time, grizzling through her sleep, not being a happy bub at all sad
Do you think she notices that her Dad isn't here??
He usually cuddles her and feeds her once a day plus his voice is always in the house. Do you think she knows that he is missing?
went through the same thing when my girl was a month old and that was the only thing I could put it down to, hope he isn't away too long!
I think that it is possible.

My friends DD when she was a baby would cry and grizzle from the time her dad left in the morning for work until he came home and then would only be happy with him.... she was only tiny when she started that.
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Yes your DD could be missing her daddy.

When DF went back to work (12hr days) when DS was 2 weeks old, DS took until Wednesday of each week to settle. Then the weekend would roll around with daddy home and we would start all over again. We lived at my parents so there was 3 adults loving and caring for DS, but he wanted dad!

Even now, he searches the house 2-3 times on a monday morning looking for dad.

They may not have given birth, but dads can have an amazing bond with their babies!

Yes, I have 3 daughters who all miss their dad when he is at work, worse if he is away overnight, but the only other thing is bub's are ultra quick to pick up on mum's emotions too, which shows if mum is missing dad the kids will too. But they do love and miss their daddys for themselves too. smile
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