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This baby thing can be tough eh? Rss

Our darling daughter (first child) was born on Christmas Day. She's lovely, but hasn't slept properly in about 2 days. Gets hiccups 2-5 times per day, but this is quickly cleared with a little bit of sterile warm water. Seems to love to cry continuously in the evenings, starting around 10pm on the dot (goes on for several hours). Pretty typical eh?
Hi James! Congratulations on the birth of ur baby. Hope u n ur baby r doing well. It's normal for babies to get hiccups and I would breast feed instead of warm water. Even my parents told me to give warm water but recent generation Doctors advice not to give water sad . But it's up to you. Babies usually cry only if they are hungry or discomfort. Check the room temperature or nappies if u think ur baby was fed well. My baby never cries even if she is hungry so I time and feed her ever time. Hope ur baby sleeps well and u get some sleep too.
Hi James
Congrats! Doctors advise not to give water until at least 3 months. Basically it’s just breastmilk and nothing else for the first 6 months. Sometimes crying continuously at the same time every day might indicate colic too so keep an eye out for that.

Hiccups is pretty common too. My daughter is 4 months old and is my first baby. Even I was pretty scared initially when she got hiccups but it just clears on its own. So don’t worry about that.
I'm a doctor and I advise that it's fine wink In all seriousness, 5-10mls of water is not a problem, and can resolve hiccups almost immediately. The issue is giving them too much water, as it's filling them up without providing any nutrition (and potentially decreases their appetite for their next real feed).

Colic is a possibility, though it's a relatively poorly defined condition. Things are better this week anyway! Getting there...
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