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Severe bottom rash - UPDATE Lock Rss

I thought I would send an update as you all took the time to reply to me. The bottom rash cleared up 100% in two days with hydrocortisone cream 1%. The zinc creams and medicated creams didn't help as the rash wasn't bacterial or fungal. My son has been diagnosed with cow milk-soy protein intolerance, which caused diarrhoea and a burnt little bottom. So now we are facing a new challenge! I'm on an elimination diet - no dairy or soy.. I suspect there's another allergen affecting him however we are yet to work that out. I will start a new post on that topic.
**just read your update sorry!*
Could be fungal nappy rash?? If it is particularly nasty, spreading & not clearing up maybe try the Resolve cream for fungal nappy rash.
Also don't put any cream on too thick, you shouldn't be able to see the cream after it is applied (eg white cream etc) - two reasons, it stops the skin from breathing & it will coat the nappy & stops it from being as absorbent as it should be.
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