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  5. Has anyone bought the Smoosh 3-in-1 Pram + Carrycot + Capsule?

Has anyone bought the Smoosh 3-in-1 Pram + Carrycot + Capsule? Lock Rss

Hi there,

I was just wondering if anyone has purchased the Smoosh 3-in-1 Pram + Carrycot + Capsule of Trademe or other online shops before? I can't find any reviews for it online, and obviously I'm hesitant about buying a pram online without trying it out first. The price is really affordable compared to similar styles in store, and I like that it has the bassinet piece which actually clips into the pram instead of just sitting on top like other models I have been looking at.

Here is the link to the pram I'm interested in:

If you have or know someone who has bought this pram, what did you think of it? Was it good quality? What are the pros/cons of this model?

Thank you!
I'm wondering the same thing! They look similar to mountain buggies etc but the price is SO much more affordable!! I'm hoping sooooonebody out there has bought one!?
Yeah we're interested in one of these as well, but can't find anything on the internets.
Hi there, did any of you end up buying the smoosh 3-in-1 pram set and if so how was it?
Hi, may be a late reply. But for anyone thinking of buying this model, I can tell you it's the best pram/ travel system I ever ever used! I had my fourth baby last year, and with a ten year gap, we had to buy everything again. We couldn't find any reviews on line either, but took a leap of faith and purchased it. I absolutely love it! The bassinet attachment was great, loved being able to see baby. And she could sleep in it during the day too. The car seat attachment has been so helpful. We live on Waiheke island and when travelling to town, it's been a blessing. It's easy to fold and put up again. Hope this is helpful for someone smile
I bought the set from Kiwibaby in Mt Roskill. We have got so much good use out of it. The baby carrier we used as a basinet and made a few adjustment by cushioning up the mattress. The Capsule we used up until baby was around 9 months. And the Stroller is still going nice and strong. My baby is 14 months old now. I also bought one of those sleeping bags from Kiwibaby months later branded Outlook, those are awesome for when out and about and it gets a little on the colder side, it does keep the babies nice a warm.
I found this option to be cost effective too... to buy everything individually gets mighty expensive. Its definitely a great buy.
I'm looking at the same one. Very tempted to do this. Thanks for the feedback as has made my decision easier. Beats having to pay $200+ for pram. Hire capsule that won't fit etc. Good luck ladies ????
Thanks for the review ladies, we've been having the pram debate at home. Can you get a base for the car for easier removal? Or is it best with the seatbelt buckle? Also whats it like on sand?
rather purchasing a pram from any online store. I think, Its better to purchase it from your nearby market...

Pekka, don’t say that you are model. When you will get your baby this feeling makes you more special than a mode. As far as you are saying about looking for a pram then yes it should be like this. You are a client and want to buy that particular thing. E-shopping has made this easiness for you. you can order things. Instead of going to market they take this responsibility to convey these things to you. if you think about trial period then I don’t think so it’s necessary. Means by seeing, at first sight, you will imagine is it good or bad. Your baby will feel comfortable. Aww, that a special feeling that every woman wants to feel. you are feeling hesitation because it is your first trial. You don’t have any experience. You have to make all these things compulsory. Your desire will automatically rise to provide your children with best items. I need your prayers and wishes. But for this time I wish you good luck for your future.
Hi all, we are contimplating buying the smoosh 3 in 1 or a mountain buggie..
Could someone who has the Smoosh pram please tell me where it is made?

Many thanks smile
Hi ladies, I brought one for my bub and have found it good. Easy to figure out and use. Capsule doesnt come with a clip base and only fits certain car seats..... only downfall of it. The toddler seat is good, but care is needed when changing levels, ours broke and needed replacing. No biggie there. Good for all terrain and have taken it to the beach... so far so good. Hope this helps
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